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May 15, 2006 09:15 PM

shabbos in catskills in july

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we want to spend shabbos before visiting day in catskills - what are suggestions re hotels?

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  1. here's 3 that I know of. haven't been to a hotel in the catskills in a few years, I hear they're all a bit rundown now

    Spring Glen, NY 12483
    (914) 647-6800, (800) 243-4567
    330 rooms. YR. AP, Kosher cuisine. Bowling, mini-golf, nightly entertainment, full fitness and recreational facilities, private lake for rowing. Pool, tennis, golf, fish, ski

    Glen Wild, NY 12738
    July 1-Sept. 6, 50 rooms. AP, strict Glatt Kosher, Sabbath observing. Mirror Lake swimming, row boating & fishing, children's activities. Pool

    Swan lake hotel (formerly the Stevensville) don’t have their number

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      Please whatever you do, don't go to the HOMOWACK We were there last year (even posted and was strongly agreed with) it was expensive and horrible. litterly horrible, the only thing that had half a taste was the Cholent at midnite friday nite.
      do yourself a favor and dont go.

    2. I think that the Glatt Boys cater in Kutsher's. I would read the Jewish Press to check to see which Hotels are Glatt Kosher for July.

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      1. re: Jeterfan

        I don't see any ads from the Glatt Boys. I think that they will not be open for this summer. A shame.

        1. re: MartyB

          Schicks and Katz caterers had a visiting day Kosher Shabbos at the Waterbury Grand Hotel this past Shabbos(per the Jewish press ad). the Grand hotel is probably nicer than any of the existing catskill resorts. If you need to be in the Catskills itself that's another story.

      2. The Glatt Boys have a website. Here is their link:

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          Funny web site (Glatt Boys), picture is of the Hyatt, rates are for Pesach 2006, rest of link refers to Kutchers. I would love to go to them this summer, they are excellent caters, but they are closed. Coupled with the closure of Golden Acres Farms makes this a real bummer for me this summer.

        2. My son is at the Sportstar Academy Kosher Sports Camp which is held at the Swan Lake Resort (formerly the Stevensville). It is by NO means a Hilton, but they have glatt kosher meals available, decent rooms, and a lot of sports facilities which are actually in pretty darn good shape. It's also right on Swan Lake so there is plenty of scenic walking and it might be a decent place to relax for a little while. Only about 10 miles from Woodbourne and even closer to Loch Sheldrake, so there are PLENTY of kosher restaurants in the area.

          1. Anyone knows if in Swan Lake Resort they normally have daily minyanim in August and Shabbat program? Thanks.