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Apr 23, 2006 09:31 AM

Reviews of Passover Hotel Programs?

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After reading the review of the Chevra program, below, I'm Looking for reviews and reports about Kosher for Passover hotel programs, from those who participated in them. While the experience is still fresh in your mind, please share your opinions. I'm particularly interested in those in the greater New York/New Jersey area.

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  1. This is a great post. I hope you get some replies. I've never been to a hotel, but it's always intrigued me, and once our daughters get a little older, I think we might take the plunge.

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    1. re: DeisCane
      Janet Kornblum

      I was in Aruba with "Club Kosher" and my husband and I had a wonderful time. Of course, the ocean was awesome and the weather was great but the food was also very good, especially considering it was on Pesach- 3 huge meals each day (not to mention the Tea Room and amazing desserts). And for everyone looking for next year, I highly recommend them- their pretty reasonable.


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        We have been going to VIP Passover's program for seven years at the Arizona Biltmore. The resort is spectacular, historic and has amazing facilities. The setting in Phoenix is surreal. The program is extremely well-run with a very nice crowd of people (from all over the US, Canada, Israel and even the U.K. and Australia. The food is truly amazing and gourmet- really hard to believe it is Pesach.! It is always our best family vacation.

        1. re: Sherry

          We are going to be in Scottsdale during Passover but not staying at the Biltmore. Do you know if their seder is available for people that are not part of the program or who I would contact? Also, we are reform and do not keep kosher and tend toward an abbreviated seder. Would this be too much for us? Any advice is much appreciated.

          1. re: mdaniel

            Usually they have a fee you pay if you want a guest for a meal or seder, so you should ask them.
            In terms of the seder, usually these programs have communal seders led by a rabbi or cantor as well as the option of doing it on your own in a separate room with other people who are doing the same. The communal one usually takes longer.

            1. re: mdaniel

              I would seriously doubt there is any room at the Biltmore. I understand it is waitlisted only and it is always more crowded for the seders as many families want private rooms which take up more space. We always do our "own thing" in a ballroom with other families doing their own thing and you pre-order your dinner before you start your seder and then signal the waitstaff when you are ready to eat, so you are basically going at your own family's pace. While it is not as heimeshe as being in your own dining room with your extended family and friends, IMO it is a very small concession for being away for Passover.

              There are two other Passover programs in Phoenix/Scottsdale that I am aware of. The Scottsdale Princess runs a program that many of my firends go to and love. Additionally, I think Lasko runs one at one of the area Marriott's. Last year was the latter's first year. As they say, competition is good for everyone.

              In terms of your comments about being reform, I think the level of "observance" (am I being politically correct?) varies from location to location. I know the Biltmore and Princess cater to a modern orthodox crowd, as opposed to other programs which are more to the "right". Our family keeps kosher but we are conservative and have never been made to feel uncomfortable. There are a number of families like ours who keep Passover and are not orthodox, particularly in Toronto, Canada where we are from. Common sense should dictate certain behaviour- ie no cell phones in dining room on the Yom Tov days etc.

              Hope you find what you are looking for.

              Happy Passover to all.

        2. I was with WorldWide Kosher at the Hyatt Monterey and would definitely go back. Great price, great food, great staff. The hotel was clean, but not what you would expect from a Hyatt though.

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          1. re: Lindy

            We were with them twice and had great times and would highly recommend them. They are running one in California and one in Las Vegas. Good food, great programming

            1. re: Elliotu

              Are you familiar with Meisner's Pesach? How does it compare to Motti Katz?

              1. re: 4107md

                I was at Meisner's last year and the food was excellent and plentiful. I wanted to go this year as well, but my wife insisted we go to Orlando with Elite Dimension Tours. Has anyone been there and comment on the food? Thanks.

                1. re: Jakethesnake

                  A friend of mine went there and was happy. Orlando is nice. There are four days of Hol Hamoed and you can do Disney and Universal. The elite program is right near sea world. There is also a new attraction in Orlando - new ferris wheel which is supposed to be the largest in the world. You can't go wrong by going to Orlando. Have you heard anything about the Mandels program. They were in the Pocanos for 8 years and now at the Hudson Valley

                  1. re: Elliotu

                    I have not been to the program ,but I heard from a friend that has that the crowd is "black hat", and the lectures are aimed to such sensibilities.

                    1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                      How is the food etc. Once a program is non gebrochts it will cater to black hat people.

                      1. re: Elliotu

                        sorry don't know any more, I have not been there.

          2. I think a ballpark figure of cost p/p would be in order in order to compare apples to apples.

            1. we've stayed at the wyndham hotel in miami its run by leisure time tours, the hotel and roms are nice the food is excellent and very well done as is the tea room, the service is ok and during chol hamoed there is a massive BBQ for lunch

              1. The Biltmore is definitely more varied than most in terms of observance and more open.