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Replacement for 2nd Ave Deli?

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My friend is visiting from Chicago next weekend and was in love with the 2nd Ave Deli when he lived here 3 years ago. Where do I take him now for good homecooked soup and sandwiches?

Thank you.

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  1. Depending on your level of observance, Fine & Schapiro makes good soup and hefty sandwiches. It's open on shabbos, though.

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      Neither of us is observant, we just like good food. Thanks!

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        so was 2nd ave deli
        btw they share the same kosher certifier

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          For some reason, I had friends who would eat at 2nd Ave, but not F&S. Go figure...

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            "For some reason, I had friends who would eat at 2nd Ave, but not F&S. Go figure..."

            Everybody's machmir these days... ( : >)

      2. January 4, 2007

        2nd Avenue Deli May Move Uptown on 3rd

        Read the article here: http://www.nysun.com/article/46093?ac...

        they may reopen on 33rd tween lex and 3rd ave...great maybe news,
        we'll see.

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          Rather inefficient considering that Mendy's Kosher Deli is located on 34th and Park Ave. I have nothing against competition, but that area is well serviced with kosher establishments. I feel that a location with no nearby kosher establishments would be better. For me this is great since I have a choice when I visit my daughter at Stern College with Mendy's, Dunkin Donuts, Eee's, Circa, Kosher Delight, Mr. Broadway, Jerusalem II Pizza, and now 2nd Ave Deli (and of course the cafeteria at Stern's).

        2. Does anyone know if they are going to keep it kosher and if so, how observant?

          1. A good bet is Mr Broadway on Broadway and 38th.
            It has great sandwiches, deli cole slaw, ribs and a full Deli, Chinese and Israeli menu
            It is Glatt Kosher and of course closed on Shabbat

            1. I'm going to second Fine & Shapiro as the closest thing, these days.

              Also adding a cheer for the possibility of a new 2nd Avenue Deli opening.

              1. who knows what the new 2nd ave deli, or what the lebewohls will make there?
                if it will be a deli or a swingers bar or what we have no idea.

                if anyone has info please post it.

                meanwhile none of the places above hold a candle to the old 2nd ave,
                if you don't need kosher katzes and carnegie are pretty good.

                1. if you trek up to Riverdale, you will ***not*** be disappointed with Liebman's. It is so fantastic, you will be happy you made the trip. Way better than Fine and Schapiro.

                  1. Strictly kosher I cannot help. Not kosher but decent deli? Carnegie for sure. Barney Greengrass up in the 80's for smoked fish.

                    2nd Ave owners (some of them) have put in a bid for the 33rd Street space but they do not have it yet.

                    1. If you're planning to go lunch or dinner hour to Mr Broadway, plan to have the food thrown at you and rushed out of your seats. I couldn't believe it the first time, so I went back for more punishment. I finally learned my lesson.

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                        I have been to Mr. Broadway numerous times ( the last 4 weeks ago) and never found it to be the way you descibe. While it is somewhat noisy and crowded, that is what it really is all about, the classical Kosher Deli. If people are lining up to get in then they must have something good there to offer. IMHO their pastrami is out of this world and just melts in your mouth. The rest of the food (cole slaw especially ) is good also

                      2. Re: The Second Avenue Deli. If it comes back and isn't kosher, many of its core customers (like myself and my extended family) will be very disappointed. There are many kosher-style delis in NYC; very few kosher delis. And the Second Avenue Deli was the best of the best: head and shoulders over all of the Bens incarnations in the city, the Island, Queens and Boca Raton. The Second Avenue Deli can have a wonderful Act Two, filled with gracious returnees and new devotees--but it has to be kosher!

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                          How is the new Second Avenue Deli? What is their kashrut level?

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                            Here is a discussion on the re-opened 2nd Avenue Deli - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/470154 -

                            I believe it is under the same supervision as before and is open 24 hrs -

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                              According to the NYTimes review yesterday, it isn't open 24 hours, but 6am to 12 or 2 am, depending on the day.

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                              I know that it is not glatt kosher.

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                                Nor was the old 2nd Ave Deli, so anyone looking for a replacement wouldn't be bothered by that.