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Mar 19, 2006 05:45 PM

Best kosher restaurant

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Following on from the best kosher bakery query, I'm interested in people's views on what is the best kosher restaurant they've been too. It can be anywhere in the world, what made it so good and what was their best dish?


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  1. For me, it's been The Prime Grill, NYC edition. The meat compares to treyf I had before becoming kosher, the sushi is fresh, the selection is wide, and the decor is nicer than 95% of kosher restaurants out there.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      I second the prime grill - the steaks are out of this world - I have been travelling quite a bit across the US for the past two years and tried many restaurants and so far none equal the ;rime grill for quality, service and atmosphere -

      Close seconds IMHO in no particular order and I know I have probably not been to ones that should be on this list -

      Abigaels, Le Marais in NYC, Shallots Bistro in Skokie, Pats in LA -

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      yid traveller

      Someone mentioned this once before, but my vote goes to Le Telagraph in Paris. It is the best kosher (and possibly most expensive) restaurant in the world.
      I ate there a few times and i do not think any of the places mentioned so far even come close to the dining experience, food quality or ambiance at Le Tel.

      No offence to the other truly good places.

      1. Israel easily has some of the best restaurants. My favorites-The King Solomon Grill in the Tel Aviv Hilton,and Hess,the sausage king, in Jerusalem.

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        1. re: kevin

          Hess? The food's great, but surely "best restaurant" has to include some points for atmosphere, of which Hess has nearly none at all. It's a deli. A very good and expensive deli, but a deli nonetheless. I don't think it can compete in this category.

        2. Tein Li Chow in Chicago is by far the best kosher chinese restaurant I have ever tried. My favorite dish is their spicy Kung Pao chicken. It's a small operation but you get your food fast and the service is friendly.

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          1. re: David Bower

            I've heard it said (but have not personally verified) that Kaifeng (, in London, is the world's best kosher chinese restaurant. I've also heard it suggested that Met Su Yan ( might give it a run for its money. On my last visit I proposed to verify at least one of these claims, but neither place had a hechsher acceptable to my brother and sister-in-law, so we had an OK but not very memorable meal at Tavlin.

            On the same trip I found excellent fish & chips, at the pizza shop on Amhurst Parade, in Stamford Hill.

            1. re: Zev Sero

              After having lived in London for two years I feel qualified to say that neither of those restaurants measure up to even mid-level neighborhood restaurants you find in Teaneck, Five Towns, Flatbush, etc. I suspect that the reputations of those restaurants may be inflated due to the overall poor Kosher scene in the UK (although it has improved dramatically).

              1. re: Chairman Mao

                Thanks for the tip. In that case, perhaps I won't waste my money next time I'm there.

                1. re: Zev Sero

                  If Solly's is still around they have great shwarma in laffa for relatively low prices.

                  1. re: Chairman Mao

                    I have to agree with Chairman Mao, neither Kaifeng or Met Su Yan is that good and both are eye wateringly expensive.

                    Kosher restaurants tend not to be of the highest quality in London although they are getting better.

                    This doesn't answer my own question directly but my favourite kosher restaurant is Dizengoff's in Golders Green. Personally I think their food has more flavour than Solly's (which is still around) and also the staff are more friendly. The best kosher steak I had was at Bistro 86 in Brent Street, which I preferred in taste to Prime Grill in NYC, although the atmosphere at PG was far buzzier.

                    Thanks to everyone for their responses - keep them coming.


                    1. re: Silverbrow

                      Well for Chinese, hands down it goes to the tri of Cho-sen Island, Garden & Village (Lawrence, Forest Hills & Great Neck, NY).

                      For Italian-this is based on 1988 mind you...Tevere 84, Manhattan, NY)

                      For Steak Tie: Prime Grill (Manhattan, NY) & the King David hotel

                      For Pesach: Some Italian place in Jerusalem (possibly long gone) down the road from the Rock also (those line of bars-wonder if they are still even there) because they served this pasta (albeit they used Kitniyot due to Sephardic or Mizrachi haschuchah) but oh was it the best food at Pesach ever...again, circa 1988...

                      The best place that's out of business was that Morrocan place down in the Village, on Bleecker I think-long gone-they lost there Hashgachah soon after we ate there-but that was a drunken lost evening for two couples long since parted...ah the past and youth...

                      1. re: Silverbrow

                        I tried Bistro 86 a few times and to be honest the steaks were as good as me making them in my own own frying pan. Oily and full of fat without taste. Prime Grill LA beats its a MILLION TIMES over. waste of money eating kosher steak in london unless you buy it and cook it yourself - everywhere is aweful compared to USA and Israel (and I live in london and tried them all).

                2. re: Zev Sero

                  Metsuyan used to be good but now is aweful (apart from grilled lamb chops. Everything else was tasteless. Really bland - meat tasted like gum :(

                3. re: David Bower

                  I have to agree - as I traveled around the US I have not found a better kosher meat chinese restaurant than Tein Li Chow- The one that comes closest to tein Li Chow is Lins in manville -

                  1. re: David Bower
                    Shelly Hoberman

                    I couldn't agree more about Tein Li Chow! Having sampled the wider selection of Chinese in a former life, this place comes closest to the tastes I remember. I recommend the scallion pancakes and mongolian beef.

                  2. the best kosher restaurant, though some may debate its kosher status, is Viva

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                    1. re: matzohrella

                      you've got to be kidding, matzoh!!!!

                      1. re: entrails

                        matzoh doesn't kid around about pizza. this is a place where you can get good, low-priced, extra-large slices in a matter of minutes. what more do we need?

                        1. re: matzohrella

                          I will assume you mean the East village location. The UWS location is OK, but not nearly as good.

                          1. re: velorutionary

                            i think matzoh is referring to the upper west side location...

                            1. re: entrails

                              i think the best kosher rasturant kyo sushi in steak
                              in monsey ny