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Best Kosher Bakery in the world? Willing to travel!!

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European pastries etc.
No rugelach or black and whites pllllease
Thank you

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  1. Daniels in Temple Fortune, London, UK. The finest bakery there is for kosher bread. The best challah, rye etc.

    Obviously, given the strictures of kashrut their patisseries aren't as good as the non-kosher variety. Not that this is surprising given that for any half decent pastry you need top-quality butter.

    Link: http://www.silverbrowonfood.com

    1. The best kosher "French" pastries I've had come from Gaston Avenue Bakery in Somerville, NJ. They do both pareve and milchig baking.

      Link: http://www.gastonbakery.com/default.htm

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        is the website correct that it's open on shabbos?

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          Looks like they're not shomer shabbos, but they are under someone's certification.

      2. I love Delice Bakery in Los Angeles...they are French
        & use the good stuff in their baked goods... Need I say more ?... any one out there agree with moi ???

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          I can't say that I've sampled baked goods from all or most of the kosher bakeries in the world, but of the ones I've been to - I agree with Sharon,that Delice Bakery on Pico, in L.A., is the best.

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            Sharon - what are your favorites there (at Delice)? I haven't tried them yet, so I'd love your guidance on what to try first....

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              Everything is just fantastic...not too sweet & gooey & they use the best ingredients.. you can simply taste it... I do love their bread & cake loafs. I have not tried their beautifully decorated cakes but hear they are good. You can't go wrong with just about everything.

          2. I would say that the best bakeries for pastries I have eaten in were in Montreal, Adar and L'exceptionale. They are both unbelievable and mostly parve.
            For breads, Rolings in Philly especially bagels.

            1. The best kosher bakery is Sapienza Bakery in Elmont, NY, it is under kof-k supervision and is a TRUE Italian Bakery. It not owned by Jews therefore it is open on Shabbos.
              They have all of the traditional Italian pastries, canolli's, cream puffs, cheese cakes, eclairs, etc.

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                I agree wholeheartedly...A great bakery!

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                  I live in LA, but have not yet had Delices. But I used to have a friend who was the rabbi in Elmont (Rabbi Joseph Ozarowski) and I visited him a few times, and had the fortune of noshing in Sapeinza. I'm a canolli lover, and their canolli are scrumptious. White Plaines Bakery also has wonderful canolli. You couldn't find stuff like that in LA. I don't even know whether there are Italian bakeries for goyim in LA.

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                    Though it is not ItaIian, I would put Country Boy Bakery of Long Beach (NY), in the same category. They have the same Italian pastries that you mentioned and they are quite good,

                  2. If you want authentic french pastries, come to Montreal!

                    Go to L'Exception on Queen Mary (near Snowdon Metro)! They recently opened and are sooo chic! They have a restaurant as well.

                    Also, I know you said no rugelach, but Chesky's are famous for theirs! Chesky's also has amaaaaazing cheese pastries. It's a very chic but small place and in a cool neighbourhood where artsy people meet Chassidim. (On Bernard, corner Park avenue, in Outremont)

                    1. I agree with Daniels in London NW11. Best Challah and bagels, and cheese and other danish are delicious.

                      1. This is not a bakery per se, but the baking done for GMB caterers in Toronto by Leah Kalish is excellent. Her key lime tarts are fabulous. I believe all of the pareve baking (COR) is done out of the premises at Beth Tzedec. Their website is www.gmbculinary.com. One can order any of the pastries and pick up. They deliver for large orders. I have not tried anything from their new facility GMB Dairy (in Perl's plaza) and am not sure if they do baking there.

                        In terms of bread, we are love the whole wheat onion buns at Groszinski's. They will make anything whole wheat- Challahs, hot dog buns, pretzels etc. They also make "mini's" which can be ordered: mini hamburger buns, pumpernickel rolls, hot dog buns. They supply the caterers. These are great for appetizers at a party.

                        1. Sapienza in Elmont (Long Island, near the Cross Island Pkwy) has terrific pastries and even makes their own Italian ices. It is Kaf K supervised, but unfortunately, is dairy.

                          Zomick's is better than most, but imo, it is overrated. Their challah is good, but it is so full of sugar and eggs that it has to taste good.

                          1. My favorites are William Greenberg's, on Manhattan's Upper East Side, for cakes and pies, Andre's Cafe (also on the UES) for Hungarian cakes, danishes and strudels. The cafe isn't kosher, but the desserts are. For bread I like Orwasher's and Tribeca Oven (or is it called Tribeca Bakery? Can't remember), both of which I purchase at either Zabar's and Barney Greengrass (which carries the Orwasher's, I believe), on the Upper West Side.

                            1. you will find the best baked goods at the "frolichs" coffee shop in Budapest, I believe on Dob Utca (sip) near the Kazinszi (sp?) shule. I promise, cheese danish that is worth the trip!

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                                Froelich's is a nice surprise and yes, the cheese pastries--like most of Budapest--are tasty, but I'd hardly say it has the best baked goods, despite my being biased because Rabbi Froelich married us.

                              2. Richard,

                                My reply may surprise you but (assuming they are still heckshered) the Woullet Bakery of Minnesota is tops for truly sophisticated baked goods. Check out the tortes and tarts section of their website (www.wuollet.com). I used them for my wedding in 1997, and even the wedding cake (traditionally tastes like styrofoam) was unbelievably delicious!

                                In the NYC area I also recommend Plaza Sweets (www.plazasweetsbakery.com). They are heckshered and dairy and a whole sale supplier to elegant hotels, restaurants and country clubs in the area. If you are ever in Westchester, it is worth while to drop into their warehouse, as their prices are a fraction of those posted on their website. Keep in mind that their products are sold frozen and require 2 hours to 2 days to thaw.

                                Hope this is helpful!

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                                1. re: Chanachow

                                  Wuollet's bakery locations in the Twin Cities are no longer under kosher certification.

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                                    unfortunatly woullets hasnt been kosher for a long time, I myslef would have definitly droped this anme as being one of the best kosher patisserie's around nare a black and white cookie in sight (thats a goos thing) i will add that there is a bakerey called breadsmith with kosher franchises in minnesota and chicago, artisnal breads and scones and muffins and 3 times a week they make the best cinnamon buns in the world (think cinabon but kosher and with out the fake flab=voring and oversweet frosting) in fact i jut put a slab of cream cheese on top of of one of their cinnamon bus and its truly the best. whenever I am in minnesot i ussually pack up a whole suitcase full and distribute when i get home.

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                                      is this the dgelpe from gelpe from gelpes bakery? I have some fond memories of baking there as a young child.

                                  2. Many of the bakeries listed here are not kosher, having no reliable certification. Some never claimed to be kosher, and maybe, just maybe that's why their pastries may be so good (lots of 'parve' butter).

                                    Since this 'board' is labeled kosher let's try to keep it as such.

                                    1. If you are only considering European pastries, I recommend the Kosher Pastry Oven (http://www.thekosherpastryoven.com/) in Silver Spring, MD. They are pricey but you get what you pay for. In my opinion, the only drawback is the arrogance of their staff.

                                      1. For pastries: Korcarz in Paris.

                                        1. There's a place called Lulu in Scarsdale NY that caters a lot of society events in Westchester and NYC. I can't vouch for it as my taste runs less to croissants and petit fours and more to babkas & such earthy Yiddish fare! If you're a kimmel bread fan (corn rye with seeds), try Zeman's in Detroit or Cohen's in Ellenville, NY! Zemans also used to have the best onion rolls and onion swirls (and eggy, slightly sweet onion roll). Cohen's has fantastic mohn (poppy seed) strudel. Kossar's bialys on the Lower East Side of NY. I'm still looking for the flakey nut-and-preserved fruit strudels of a bygone era and the nut cake of late lamented Gertel's (New York).

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                                              chantilly looks great but taste eh. there was a great company at kosherfest a few years ago that was incredible

                                            2. Nu, more than a year and a half has transpired since your original post, in your global quest to find the "Best Kosher Bakery in the World", we breathlessly await your findings!

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                                                BTW, anyone else find it funny that the original poster asks for European pastries but then said no to rugelach, which is decidedly European and a pastry?

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                                                  I know the original post was specifically seeking European pastries, but I had to share the rave reviews I am hearing for the European-style breads from a bakery that just went kosher in Sarasota, FL called Bavarian Bread. The post did say "willing to travel..."

                                                2. Zadie's in Fair Lawn, NJ. Even worth going to Jersey ;)

                                                  1. Lechem Artisan in Raanana/Netanya, Israel is the best in the world.
                                                    Huge range, top quality and sample buffet.
                                                    Has anyone else been there?

                                                    1. A few locations come to mind:

                                                      Korcarz and Contini in Paris
                                                      English Cake in Yerushalayim
                                                      Grodzinski's in Toronto
                                                      Weiss's in Boro Park

                                                      I agree with the posts about Delice in LA - many items are very good, but it can be a little uneven.

                                                      1. a Great place in London,
                                                        1) Creme De La Creme, the stuff is out of this world,
                                                        2) Carmelies