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Mar 16, 2006 10:58 AM

Best Kosher Bakery in the world? Willing to travel!!

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European pastries etc.
No rugelach or black and whites pllllease
Thank you

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  1. Daniels in Temple Fortune, London, UK. The finest bakery there is for kosher bread. The best challah, rye etc.

    Obviously, given the strictures of kashrut their patisseries aren't as good as the non-kosher variety. Not that this is surprising given that for any half decent pastry you need top-quality butter.


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    1. re: Silverbrow

      Butter comes from cows (as opposed to lard, which is more common in American pastry) so it's more of an issue of economics instead of kosher. Many Jews want a fancy dessert to go with a meat meal on Shabbos, not after a few slices of pizza on Thursday. That's why all the nice looking cakes are made with margarine and other weird things.

      1. re: Silverbrow

        Why is Daniel's so good? Their bagels are good but everything else is pretty standard I though?

        I think Adafina has great products.

        Grozinski & Daughters has good challah, not great bagels.

        Cohens has great pita but bad bagels, and some cookies etc are ok.

        Carmelli's has the biggest variety and I oscillate on whose bagels are superior; theirs. Daniels, Hendon, or Happening (not kosher but close).

        1. re: brokentelephone

          How about Creme de la Creme? Haven't been for a while but hear great things....

      2. The best kosher "French" pastries I've had come from Gaston Avenue Bakery in Somerville, NJ. They do both pareve and milchig baking.


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        1. re: Chorus Girl

          is the website correct that it's open on shabbos?

          1. re: Scott K

            Looks like they're not shomer shabbos, but they are under someone's certification.

        2. I love Delice Bakery in Los Angeles...they are French
          & use the good stuff in their baked goods... Need I say more ?... any one out there agree with moi ???

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          1. re: Sharon

            I can't say that I've sampled baked goods from all or most of the kosher bakeries in the world, but of the ones I've been to - I agree with Sharon,that Delice Bakery on Pico, in L.A., is the best.

            1. re: Sharon

              Sharon - what are your favorites there (at Delice)? I haven't tried them yet, so I'd love your guidance on what to try first....

              1. re: M

                Everything is just fantastic...not too sweet & gooey & they use the best ingredients.. you can simply taste it... I do love their bread & cake loafs. I have not tried their beautifully decorated cakes but hear they are good. You can't go wrong with just about everything.

            2. I would say that the best bakeries for pastries I have eaten in were in Montreal, Adar and L'exceptionale. They are both unbelievable and mostly parve.
              For breads, Rolings in Philly especially bagels.

              1. The best kosher bakery is Sapienza Bakery in Elmont, NY, it is under kof-k supervision and is a TRUE Italian Bakery. It not owned by Jews therefore it is open on Shabbos.
                They have all of the traditional Italian pastries, canolli's, cream puffs, cheese cakes, eclairs, etc.

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                1. re: Matt

                  I agree wholeheartedly...A great bakery!

                  1. re: Matt


                    I live in LA, but have not yet had Delices. But I used to have a friend who was the rabbi in Elmont (Rabbi Joseph Ozarowski) and I visited him a few times, and had the fortune of noshing in Sapeinza. I'm a canolli lover, and their canolli are scrumptious. White Plaines Bakery also has wonderful canolli. You couldn't find stuff like that in LA. I don't even know whether there are Italian bakeries for goyim in LA.

                    1. re: Matt

                      Though it is not ItaIian, I would put Country Boy Bakery of Long Beach (NY), in the same category. They have the same Italian pastries that you mentioned and they are quite good,