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Mar 11, 2006 08:02 PM

Livingston, NJ

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Can someone give me the lowdown on kosher options (restaurants and shopping) in Livingston, NJ (proper)? Thanks!

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  1. shows 4 places - my last trip I went to Moshavi Specialty Market and Restaurant on 515 S. Livingston Ave. - it was very good - I had the breaded veal cutlets very moist and tender - I recommend it highly

    If you want to check out the other three livingdton sites I have placed a link to the shamash restaurant database and you can search for yourself -


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      Thanks for the tidbit on Moshavi. I had read a good review elsewhere. I know about Shamash--I actually used to work very closely with one of the founders--but I was hoping for more of a local's view. :-)

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        Well I am not a local but ate there 2 weeks ago and it was very good - also I would recommend the cigars - just the right amount of spice and not greacy at all.

        I do travel quite a bit and have come to rely on shamash and chowhound for recommendations -

    2. There is Moshavi, as noted, which has recently changed hands, seems like for the better. Down the road is Jerusalem II, sister of the Elizabeth Jerusalem, also decent dairy and Israeli served cafeteria style. West Orange is right next door with takeout Chinese (Chopstix) and Reuven's takeout. Caldwell has Dave's Deli with Conservative hashgacha. Also West Orange and Livingston Shoprite have some takeaway. Other than that, its Passaic, Teaneck or the city.

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        Thanks very much. How about shopping? Does the Shoprite have a Kosher Experience? Is there a butcher? Baker? Thanks!

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          Yes, both Shoprites have a big kosher aisle with a wide variety of products, in addition to a meat/fish counter for fresh fish, sushi and deli. If you want a particular cut of meat, roast, steak, you can call or corner the butcher since there isn't an actual counter for just gets wrapped and put into the kosher aisle. No bakery, though...just packaged stuff. I've special ordered meat at both locations for Pesach/my son's Bar Mitzvah with no problem. Its the same people who run the kosher in W.O and Livingston.

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            Sounds good. Thanks!