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Mar 8, 2006 06:46 PM

Shnitzel King (Coney Is/Ave N)

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I saw this place for the first time 2 weeks ago. Any opinions on it? How does the food compare to Olympic, Pita Off The Corner, Zion, etc?

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  1. Not sure, but here is a quick blurb from the village voice. Doesn't say anything about kosher.


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      It's Kehilla Kashrus. I was asking for opinions about the food.

    2. I love this place, I usually get the grilled chicken w/honey mustard sauce in a pita w/salad and it is really filling. I had a burger there once and it was pretty good too. I usually only go there when I'm running to work so I haven't really studied the menu.

      1. I ended up here tonight, just before midnight. The shnitzel was good, but the reason I'm posting is the vegetable soup. I don't know if it's usually that good, or maybe it's just because it was so late and it had been cooking since whenever they put it up, or maybe it was nearly gone and I was getting from the bottom of the pot. Or maybe it was just the fact that I was cold and in a real soup mood. But whatever the explanation, this was really good veggie soup. So if you're in a soup mood and you're in the area, and especially if it's round about midnight, pop in and try it; see what you think.

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          My problem with them is lack of salad bar. When you have Off the Corner, King Schwarma, and Famous Pita offering free refills on salad, Shnitzel King's got to do better,

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            King Schwarma? Where dat?

            Haven't been to Famous in ages. I used to go when they were open till 3, and I had a car.

            I've been going to Off the Corner since it was still On the Corner; great salads, and free WiFi. Soups are OK, but not compared to Olympic's, or to this soup I had last night at Shnitzel King.