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Feb 27, 2006 10:17 PM

Waterbury Kosher Deli

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Took a trip to the relatively new yeshiva community of Waterbury, CT and ate at their NY-Style deli and thought I would post a report:

ambience was less to be desired - not a clean place, they use styrofoam and paper - located next to a building whose windows are smashed through and has graffiti on the side of the building saying "Blood" - the propietor wasn't particularly friendly to us. He didn't even look my husband directly when he asked if we wanted to order.

However the food was somewhat decent - husband got a grilled chicken club which was juicy. I had a hamburger & fries. The burger was served on a challah roll (what's up with that??). Nice sized burger. Fries were ok

Daughter's chicken matza ball soup was terrible - soup was generic and knaidel was tasteless

prices very low but this is, after all, the armpit of Connecticut.

Pretty much no atmosphere but it was fun to people watch all of the yeshivish folks walking in and everybody having to make special requests and changes to their orders

Bathroom was very gross.

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    I passed that deli recently, while in Waterbury, and will totally agree that its setting (Willow Street) is pretty awful. I can't comment much about the food as it was closed at the time (Early Sunday morning.)

    They are the only show in town though, so people should take that into consideration when reading RachelMolly's review. [I am not making excuses here, but pointing out an important factor].

    I saw that someone is in middle of building a Kosher Pizza store on W Main Street. Not sure when they plan on opening.

    Ami's bagels on Thomaston Avenue is under Kosher Certification but leaves a lot to be desired. Bagels are pretty brutal.

    Although the burger on Challah roll seems to be weird at first, keep in mind that Brioche buns are used by many for burgers, and Challah is often a non-dairy brioche.

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      If you want great kosher food take a drive to Katz'sDeli in Amity south of Waterbury.

      The service is great and the menu is excellent.

      I had a salami samwich on rye and it was excellent.

      The rest rooms are clean and people are happy.

      Its not that far from Waterbury. take 69 south and you will come to katz's .

      1. re: Aleon
        Happy Customer

        Katzs deli is not Kosher

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          I was passing Waterbury with a group and stopped at the Kosher Deli. The food was delicious. From the Steak wraps, to the Burger and Deli sandwiches all of it was very tasty. Hope to stop by again sometime.

          1. re: PassingThru
            Waterbury old timer

            My Husband and i go to the deli at least once a week the food is delicious (ive been to Katz's their food is good but you cant compere with this food) i had a liver and tongue on rye and my husband had a corned beef on club and the coleslaw. everything was out of this world its about time we have a good restaurant in Waterbury. the boy behind the counter was very plesent and kept asking us if everything was good.

            1. re: Waterbury old timer
              Watebury New Timer

              As a current resident of Waterbury, I have to admit that we are very proud of our deli. For New Yorkers to come into town and criticize the first kosher establishment in town, is unacceptable. Our community is six years old and we have lived without a kosher restaurant since then. Now that we have one, it may not compare to other eateries on the east coast, but when we want to go out to eat, we are glad to finally have a place (and a good one too).