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Feb 21, 2006 08:04 PM

Mike's Bistro

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went to mike's w/ a group on sunday evening -- the food was outstanding and service was impeccable. i highly recommend the rib eye as well as duck gnocci. question for the hounds: any feedback on the tasting menu? they have 2 options -- 5 course and 7 course. do share your experiences...

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  1. You can read about my experience with their tasting menu (about 15 mos. ago) at this link.


    1. Hi, we didn't do the 5/7 course menu, sorry. we both had different fish mains which tasted pretty much the same, only one was over a scoop of rice, and the other over a scoop of mashed potatoes. we shared a piece of chocolate cake and one flavored coffee. the bill came out to $110 including the tip, and it might have been worth it if the portions were not less than half what one would expect - the mains are so small they served them in a wide lip soup bowl. Don't skip lunch before eating dinner here, or you'll leave this place either hungry or broke. our table and service was prompt and the help all spoke clear English, but no visit from Mike which is good or he'd of seen us leave hungry. it's a good idea to call them first and ask if any parties are booked while you will be dining. we avoided listening to several large late evening parties by booking dinner an hour earlier. upper west side street parking is free after 7pm which is yet another reason to get there earlier for dinner.

      1. I have never tried the tasting menu, but I would be remiss if i did not report on my experiences at Mike's last night. The meal I shared with my family Thursday evening was perhaps one of the 5 best meals I have ever had in a restaurant. From the service and the upstairs room's ambiance to the Cassoulet and soups and the perfectly cooked steak and veal chop and the extremely tasty Barrundi and cod as well as remarkable veggies everything was fantastic. We all raved. A perfect 10 for presentation and another 10 for the friendly, gracious and informative host, Mike.

        Do you think we liked it?

        Bruce in Belle Harbor

        1. I happen to be a big fan.

          Note that the tasting menu always (I'm pretty sure) includes the gnocci.

          Last time I was there, as part of the 7 course, they were playing a lot. This included both 3 salads (fenel, beat, and something else) and a chalupa thing with veal tongue on top; really quite fanstastic. It also included the steak and a lot of other food- I left there feeling pretty full by the end.

          1. I have been there a few times, but found the mains uniformly bland. It is the kind of food that you would be happy to have on an airplane but it is in no way remarkable. The appetizers and sides are just C or C+ offerings. It could be that the kitchen staff doesn't feel the standard menu to be challenging enough to bring out their best.