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Feb 20, 2006 03:41 PM

Lucky's Diner

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Lucky's Diner. How is it? Worth the journey from BP?

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  1. Horrible. Not worth a journey from flatbush.

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    1. re: hg

      where is luckys diner located? i never heard of it.

      1. re: chanie

        i went like maybe 4 times, and i loved it, they had great pancakes and quesadilla's and personal pies, the service was very quick and not so cheap i loved it.

        1. re: lauren

          i meant to write in my last message that it was "VERY CHEAP" and "NOT SO EXPENSIVE". I loved it

    2. I like Lucky's. Plain old dairy meals, not crazy expensive and kid friendly. I usually go for a late breakfast (plus they serve starbucks!!)

      1. I tried them twice. Once, for Mother's Day and it was great. Af ew weeks later, I felt like I was eating in a different place. There wasn't one thing that my husband and I had that was good, except for the coffee. I would recommend Coffee and Cake factory on Ave. M. Similar type food, kid's menu and very nice to look at. Since you were willing to come into Flatbush to eat, it's the same drive but really worth it.

        1. Was just there the other day and it was fantastic. Whatever we ordered - tuna wrap, peninis, quasedilla, muffin, coffee were delicious and well priced. Thumbs up!