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Feb 19, 2006 12:06 AM

West palm Beach

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What are the closest kosher restaurants to Palm Beach? Is Eilat Cafe in Boca worth the drive? Are there any upscale kosher restaurants in the area?

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  1. Definately go to Eilat. The food is great, the service is great, and sitting outside on the water in the evening couldn't be nicer. I highly recommend it. The drive is 30-45 minutes depending on traffic. It takes that long just to get accross town in Manhattan.

    The Boca Raton Synagogue website is great as a kosher info resource for South Florida.


    1. There is a new place on Powerline in Boca called Boca Tov Cafe. Food is delicious, as is the sushi. Definitely a place worth going, and more upscale than Eilat.

      1. There is a new kosher rest. in west palm beach named Best Of Israel (greenacres). I was there recently with my family and it was great. It is located on Jog Road - 561-963-0042.

        1. Here's my review of Eilat Cafe, posted 8-19-05:

          Eilat Cafe

          The lasagna here was excellent as well as the mahi mahi. service was quite good, and the view of the water was nice. This restaurant is good value for the money spent-all entrees are under $20, even for dinner. While not the best kosher restaurant I've ever been to (as suggested here by one person), it was quite nice and worth the drive. Nice view of the water, though it was sweltering as usual and we were unable to eat outside.

          To add to the review: I drove north half an hour or 45 minutes with a brother who doesn't keep kashrut, and we both enjoyed the place. Of course, he is used to going to all sorts of levels of places by now, from pizza joints to fine dining.

          As for another good place to go while in the area, another place which I think is half an hour or forty five minutes from where you'll be is Thai Taste is Sunrise. Since there aren't an abundance of good Thai kosher restaurants in my area, this was a special treat.

          1. Have been to Best of Israel in Greenacres a few times. I was thrilled to see a kosher place so close to where i live and wouldnt go back if you paid me. I have already walked in the door at about 1145am...which should be ready for lunch time. Two young Israeli waitresses at the back table, one folding something and the other chatting with her. Neither looked up. After standing for a few moments i asked if i was to simply select a table or wait to be seated. I was told to just sit. Since there was just one other couple(customers) in the place i selected a booth next to theirs thinking i would save the girl some walking time. Eventually, after finishing her conversation, she made her way to me with a menu. 2 things i selected were not available that day and i eventually settled for something. The couple in the booth next to me were waiting for falafel and had been for quite a while evidently because they were speculating as to whether it was being flown in from Israel directly. While waiting i watched a young man behind the refrigerator/preparation counter stocking his shelves. He was annoyed about something and kept saying something about being overworked. Someone brought him a tray of uncooked shishkabob to go into the refrigerator presentation counter. He bent down with it and when finding that there was not quite enough space and another tray had to be moved to make room for it, instead of standing up and placing the tray with the kabobs on top, he set the tray on the floor while he maneuvered things. Eventually the other customers falafels came, as did my lunch. I really dont recall what it was but it sort of resembeled 2 small hockey pucks and had the texture of them also. With only 3 cutomers there, not once did either of those two waitresses walk over and even inquire if all was ok, if we needed anything, etc. The two of them as well as another female from the kitchen area and the young man who had placed the food on the floor seemed to be enjoying each others company rather than even being bothered with customers. When i finished my lunch and had waited(i timed it at this point) 8 minutes, i eventually walked to the register to request a bill and to pay. I did go next door to their deli/market to purchase a few things and ran into 2 other ladies who asked if i had eaten at the restaurant, when my response was yes they asked if i was pleased. I was honest and they both replied that they had also eaten there over the past few weeks and would never go back either......the best place I CAN SUGGEST and it is NOT in west palm beach but in Boca is BENS NEW YORK DELI...they have everything from deli sandwiches to hot brisket dinners and the food is always excellent.