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Feb 17, 2006 10:37 AM

Current Mosaica Reviews Requested

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Has anyone been to Mosaica since Chef Todd Aron relocated to California? Have there been any changes?
Please share current reviews.

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    I was there in early January, half of the menu was not available ("sorry we are out of this this AND this"). The food was very good, the restaurant was empty. I don't know what it was like when he was there.

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      I had the same experience, in November.

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        I've been there a twice since the original chef moved on. While the quality of the food was the same as it'd always been (excellent,) the menu, which used to change seasonally, hadn't been updated since July or August. (I think that's why they were out of half of the stuff.)

    2. Not sure who was the chef when I went in August, but it was excellent. The service was great. The place was pretty full. The food was great.

      1. I went to Mosaica on Sunday, August 20, 2006. I was not happy with either my meal or the service. I had an 8:30 PM reservation. There were a few patrons still in the restaurant when I arrived, yet only one waiter/busboy to take care of them all. Needless to say, our service was poor. Glasses did not get filled up, to table wasn't cleared off properly, etc. And the waiter himself was a bit hard to understand, and spoke English in a somewhat confusing manner.

        I ordered "seared duck breast." I expected to get a full duck breast, not a few small pieces of boneless duck meat. A side dish was advertised as "fried zucchini." I expected something akin to the fried eggplant one sees at meditteranean/mideast cuisine restaurants. Instead, I got deep-fried ultra-thin strips of zucchini, that tasted like generic, unidentifiable fried pieces (or perhaps like Durkee fried onions from the can) rather than zucchini.

        I was disappointed. I went there to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary. If this restaurant had a very good chef at one time, then to me, it's apparent that the restaurant is sorely missing him.

        1. I know that for at least a year now the Aarons's have not owned or operated Mosaica. The cooks that trained under Todd are still there and the owner is a woman who also owns a kosher catering company in NJ. Todd is a friend of mine and I know it was not his intention to run two restaurants so far apart from each other. Of all his past endeavors he always concentrates on one at a time. The buy out was promulgated by the Herzog's who pursued Todd to give them a top notch restaurant in of all places Oxnard, CA.We hear that Tierra Sur Restaurant is doing great and My wife and I cant wait to go one day. We miss him in NJ.