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Kosher Miso Paste and Cellophane Noodles?

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Hi, folks,
I'm trying to cook from Levana's cookbook, but she lists ingredients that I can't seem to find with a hechsher. I found red miso paste, but not the brown hatcho miso paste that she lists- can I use it? Do you know where I can find the brown?
Also, cellophane noodles: can't find them anywhere!
Any advice is appreciated!

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  1. For the miso try health food stores.
    As for cellophane noodles, I am still searching for them. If you find any, please post where you got them.
    Good Luck.

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      No Hekshir doesn't mean not kosher. Lots of the cellephane noodles are kosher without a symbol. Ask your Rav, that's what he is there for.

    2. I have a suggestion: Contact the author directly, and ask her where she gets the wanted ingredients.

      1. From what I remember, Shoprite of Avenue I in Brooklyn had cellophane noodles in the kosher freezer section. There is a health food store on 16th Avenue in Borough Park which carries a few versions of miso paste (not sure which flavors).

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          Aren't cellephane noodles just bean threads... like you get in packages of eight to ten in most asian stores... I may be wrong...

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            I am also looking for koshermiso paste for cooking, I am located in chicago. Any kosher brand names, please let me know. I am always looking for kosher ethnic specialty ingredients like this!

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              I have never dealt with the following but their website lists different kinds of Kosher miso paste under OK Kosher certification:


              Hatcho is one of the kinds of miso paste listed on the kosher page.

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                Whole Foods carries numerous miso brands with hechschers.

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                Cellophane noodles are called bean threads or "glass noodles." I've read a claim that they are kosher without supervision but I don't buy durum pasta without a reliable hechsher.

            2. Bought Miso Paste last week at David's Health Foods on Ave. U and E. 22nd in Brooklyn

              1. I went to Levana's cooking class and she told us that for rice noodles, no hechsher was required.

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                  The CRC site refers to this as the EEI hechsher: The "everyone eats it" hechsher, meaning that if it is not supervised, then you can certify it for yourself by observing others around you using it.


                  I wouldn't buy linguini without a hechsher because most factory noodles are dried through heating. Noodles which might have been made with eggs, shrimp, chicken or pork could have been processed on the same equipment being used for the linguini or cellophane noodles.


                  "The modern process of heat-drying pasta may create a Kashrus concern, however, in situations where flavored noodles are produced. Some factories have been known to produce shrimp-flavored pasta, where non-Kosher shrimp is actually added to the pasta dough. In such cases, the equipment on which such pasta is dried becomes non-Kosher, and the Kosher status of any other pasta produced on the same equipment becomes compromised."

                  There is also the concern that those producing it wouldn't know when something they do makes something treif. There are also statements that Asian factories don't clean equipment between production runs as thoroughly as in the West, resulting in such problems as shrimp being found in cans of Mandarin oranges. It is also interesting to browse the ingredients of imported snacks with a native speaker. The ingredient list in English sometimes leave out an ingredient listed on the package in Chinese. That ingredient is sometimes one that would make the product treif.

                  Certainly, there are cooks who will insist on a hechsher for some ingredients but not be worried about cellophane noodles, sesame oil or soy sauce produced under unknown conditions. I am not one of them.

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                    I went to a class with Levana and she said that on the master carton there is a hechsher it is just not individual boxes. I've seen kosher noodles at various places as well as hacho miso. you can contact me for more info