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Feb 1, 2006 01:56 PM

Kosher Miso Paste and Cellophane Noodles?

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Hi, folks,
I'm trying to cook from Levana's cookbook, but she lists ingredients that I can't seem to find with a hechsher. I found red miso paste, but not the brown hatcho miso paste that she lists- can I use it? Do you know where I can find the brown?
Also, cellophane noodles: can't find them anywhere!
Any advice is appreciated!

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  1. For the miso try health food stores.
    As for cellophane noodles, I am still searching for them. If you find any, please post where you got them.
    Good Luck.

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    1. re: lilsysweety

      No Hekshir doesn't mean not kosher. Lots of the cellephane noodles are kosher without a symbol. Ask your Rav, that's what he is there for.

    2. I have a suggestion: Contact the author directly, and ask her where she gets the wanted ingredients.

      1. From what I remember, Shoprite of Avenue I in Brooklyn had cellophane noodles in the kosher freezer section. There is a health food store on 16th Avenue in Borough Park which carries a few versions of miso paste (not sure which flavors).

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        1. re: Tamar

          Aren't cellephane noodles just bean threads... like you get in packages of eight to ten in most asian stores... I may be wrong...

          1. re: rozz01

            I am also looking for koshermiso paste for cooking, I am located in chicago. Any kosher brand names, please let me know. I am always looking for kosher ethnic specialty ingredients like this!

            1. re: sig

              I have never dealt with the following but their website lists different kinds of Kosher miso paste under OK Kosher certification:


              Hatcho is one of the kinds of miso paste listed on the kosher page.

              1. re: sig

                Whole Foods carries numerous miso brands with hechschers.

              2. re: rozz01

                Cellophane noodles are called bean threads or "glass noodles." I've read a claim that they are kosher without supervision but I don't buy durum pasta without a reliable hechsher.

            2. Bought Miso Paste last week at David's Health Foods on Ave. U and E. 22nd in Brooklyn

              1. The original comment has been removed