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Jan 6, 2006 09:10 AM

Is Gan Asia good?

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Has anyone tried Gan Asia and if yes what would you recomend? ( also I hear that they serve Thai food, has anyone tried their Thai dishes? )

Thank you

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  1. Most of the food is pretty good. It does have a tendency to be too sweet though. The cold sesame noodles and the sweet & sour dishes are particularly cloying.

    it isn't quite up the the par of treif szechuan valley (b'way between say 94th & 102nd) but not bad.

    restaurants...but it isn't bad

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    1. re: sarah

      Thank you everyone for your reccomendations. Unfortunately, I didn't
      realize that you can't eat there... (that kinda sucks!) But maybe if I'm
      hanging out in the area one of these days I'll pick up some the stuff you guys reccomended.

      Thanks for your responces everyone!

    2. It's the most reliable (and reasonably priced) kosher Asian food I know of. Lunch specials are a real bargain, but regular menu is fairly priced

      Favorites I have ordered:
      Hot and sour soup--very good, usually not too overly thickened with corn starch
      Moo shoo beef (nice and dry, not greasy)
      Orange chicken/sesame chicken/General Chow's chicken--all pretty much the same--chunks of deep fried chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce with about 2 pieces of broccoli for garnish. Good when you're in that mood...
      Thai food--the red curry with beef is my favorite

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      1. re: Debbie

        I don't think I'd call it reasonably priced at this point- many of the entrees are $17-18, which is up substantially from what they were even a few years ago (I'm talking up a good $5 in the last 3 or so years).

        1. re: masteraleph

          I didn't realize how expensive it was until I checked out the menu. Wow. For a place that only does take-out/delivery, it is way too expensive, even given the kosher and Manhattan price bumps.

      2. gan asia is the best of its kind in the area. much better than esti hana and eden wok (not really a difficult feat).

        1. Gan Asia was a staple of mine and other kosher students while at Barnard/Columbia. Their food is amazing but the unfortunate part is that it is take out only. They have pretty quick delivery to the area however and their web-site is .

          Some Thai favourites include Cashew Chicken and Basil Chicken. (I guess the Thai part is their "sweet Thai sauce" but I personally don't like other dishes with peanut based sauces.) Friends of mine would get Singapore or Drunk Man noodles and Volcanic Chicken. The mei fun noodle dishes were also pretty good.

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          1. re: Tamar

            It is good for American style Asian food. But if you are used to authentic style, or even non food court Asian food, you may find it very boring. Basically if you ask for the spicy, all they do is add red chile flakes. I would call it average. It's good for kosher Asian, but if your non kosher friends eat in China town, this is not the place for them.

          2. It's very average. Estihana is far far better!