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Dec 29, 2005 11:47 AM


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I am looking for breads in or close to Monsey, NY. I am bored of rye and whole wheat and recntly had some really great breads at a friend's house in Passaic. They have an ACME with a Pas Yisroel bakery! I was wondering if there's anywhere closer to Monsey that I can get breads like Focaccia, Jabeta, Baugettes and so on. Thank you.

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  1. try stop and shop on rt 202 in pamona, right next to manny's deli. their in house bakery is under rabbinic supervision

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    1. re: maven

      Stop and shop breads near Manny's are pretty substandard. Kosher certified artisanal breads are quite difficult to get in New York, and I have seen none in the Monsey area.

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        I sent an email to and got no response...

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          the best damn bread in the world!!!!!!

    2. I just found this helpful thread:

      1. You are not that far away from Bread Alone, bakers of some great whole wheat breads.

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          Monsey is actually 2 hours at the least from the Albany area, where Bread Alone is located. 'Bread Alone' does sell their products at Union Square greenmarket though, which is far closer to Monsey...

          They do make pretty decent artisanal bread and they are certified by the Capital District Vaad Hakashruth [Albany]. I really like their San Francisco Sourdough.

          1. re: velorutionary

            Bread Alone isn't in Albany; its headquarters are in Boiceville, and it has stores in Kingston, Woodstock and Rhinebeck, all of them closer to Rockland than Albany is. There website says kosher, but doesn't give the source of the hashgacha.


            1. re: PZ

              You are right. It is closer to Monsey than I previously thought. I spoke to the guy at greenmarket a long time ago and asked about the hecsher and he told me its certified by the Capital District Vaad HaKashruth. I included a link to their website below...


          2. re: Joe

            they have a minimum order of 6 well do you think this would freeze? The bread looks great!

          3. I now live near the 5 towns and work near Penn Station. Can anyone help me find great kosher artisanal bread near my home or work?

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              Sometime in the next 12 months fairway is going to open in the Paramus area on Rt 17, only 20 min from Monsey with a full ,line of artisanal breads under kosher supervision. Funny how some people think that supermarket stuff from cheapo mixes is high quality bread just cos it doesn't come from a heimishe bakery.!