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Nov 28, 2005 01:26 PM

Kosher Krispy Kreme in Las Vegas

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I have heard a rumor that there one or more Kosher Kripsy Kremes in Las Vegas, but I have not been able to confirm this. Does anyone know of any?

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    1. re: DeisCane

      But I don't totally trust this article. I have found no confirmation that there are kosher KK's in LV or, if so, what supervision they are under. There are no listings on Shamash or anything about them on the webistes for the shuls in LV. I don't believe that this article is lying, just that they might misunderstand what kosher means or have a dubious source. I am looking for someone who has been to a kosher KK in LV or knows someone who has.

      1. re: David

        "To get a complete listing of Krispy Kreme stores that have been Kosher certified please call us at 1800 4KRISPY."

        1. re: David

          They are all kosher - not just relying on this article - many rabanim have said so.
          You can even buy any krispy kreme donuts at a gas station or convenience store.

          1. re: Abby

            Krispy Kreme's ingredients are kosher, but not all locations are under supervision to insure kashrut.
            Also, KK used to use lard, so if an old location that used to use lard switched to the new batter the end product is still not kosher due to the non-kosher equipment unless it was kashered.

            1. re: David

              I'm sure there are rabonim who hold like that. However, I just wanted to let people know that there are other reliable rabonim that hold that all Krispy Kreme donuts are ok, no matter where you purchase them.

              1. re: David

                Well, they stopped using lard over 20 years ago. You would think there would be some statute of limitations here. And at some point all the old equipment would have been replaced. I realize that in theory there are never ending cross contamination issues, but at some point you have to ask yourself "what would G-d want?" I think there is good Biblical precedent for 40 years representing a clean slate, the equivalent of being buried in the yard for a year, if you would. So we only have about 12-13 years left I guess.

                1. re: randallhank

                  As far as I have ever heard, there's no halacha behind anything being buried in the yard for a year; it's a long-standing myth about kashering treif silverware, but it has no basis in Jewish law. As for your other conjecturing . . . I leave it to those who keep kosher to decide for themselves about your "statute of limitations" theory. I myself would not assume any change of equipment, and once the treif is in, there are specific ways it can be dealt with in the halachic sense, but the simple passage of time isn't one, as far as I know.

                  1. re: queenscook

                    I do, as a matter of fact, keep kosher. In my house I am very strict and only use products that are marked by a reliable authority. As to which Krispy Kremes I would eat outside of my own home, vis a vis the fact that 20 years ago they used lard, well that's another story.

                  2. re: randallhank

                    Actually, if a day is OK, why not a year? OK, in practice, we still hit the commercial equipment with caustic-type stuff, but in industrial or commercial processes, not everything is kashered, even lechatchila.

          2. Dear Mr. B,

            Thank you for your email. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

            Often we receive questions from consumers about our products. Our
            and doughnuts are ingredient Kosher; however, not all of our retail
            locations are certified Kosher. You may find it helpful to know that
            only animal by-products used in our doughnuts are eggs (whites and
            and dairy products (including milk, butter, yogurt, whey, nonfat milk
            nonfat whey). All enzymes, cellulose gum, lecithin, agar, rennet,
            bean gum, mono and diglycerides used to produce our doughnut mixes are
            of plant origin.

            For your convenience, we have included a list of cities that have
            certified stores: New York City, NY; Alexandria, VA; Henrietta, NY;
            Meadow, NY; Charleston, SC; Owings Mills, MD; Mountain View, CA;
            VA; Tonawanda, NY; and Mississauga, ON., Las Vegas Nevada.

            We hope that you'll find this information helpful and appreciate the
            opportunity to provide assistance.

            Once again, thank you for your email and continued support! We look
            to serving you again in the future.

            Best regards,
            Carlos Rodriguez
            Krispy Kreme Customer Experience

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            1. re: Moishe

              While this list maybe helpful it is NOT up to date. I know of at least three more certified KK locations, one in NJ and 2 in Philadelphia:) OP I'd contact KK to see for yourself if the Las Vegas ones are to your standasrds and if they are do try a warm glazed donut.
              While I do prefer Dunkin Donuts in general nothing in this world is like a warm glazsed KK donut!

              1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                Look at the timestamp of the post...the list is out of date because the post is 7 years old. If anybody still cares, as of December 2011, the Krispy Kreme downtown on Fremont Street is certified kosher under KOA of Passaic, NJ.

                1. re: jasonld

                  Downtown in WHAT city??? BION people in places other than NYC read this site.

                  1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                    With all due respect, It would be rather obvious to anyone reading this thread, which is entitled, "Kosher Krispy Kreme in Las Vegas" , than I am referring to Las Vegas.

                    1. re: ThePrettypoodle


                      the thread is about kosher KK locations in Las Vegas. Fremont Street is the main drag in downtown Las Vegas (not to be confused with the Strip, which is Las Vegas Blvd)