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I saw the thread earlier about Sriracha. I am not sure whether the company AndeB mentioned was different than the one I'm using. I recently [2-3 weeks ago] picked up a bottle at Hong Kong Supermarket. It did have Kosher Certification, and was rather inexpensive [roughly $3 for a 28 oz. bottle]

I included the manufacturer's web site below.

Certification is "Shield Star K".

Link: http://www.huyfong.com/no_frames/srir...

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  1. The brand at Kosherfest was different.

    I've seen the brand you refer to. It's been around for awhile -- Kalustyan and Dean & Deluca stock it. Just be advised, there are multiple opinions about the reliability of the hechsher.

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    1. re: AndeB

      Do you remember the name of the company whose products you saw at Kosherfest?
      If not, then perhaps the certifying authority?

      I would love to find kosher mushroom soy sauce and Chinese black vinegar!
      Thanks, p.j.

      1. re: p.j.

        I posted the contact information on the Kosherfest thread.

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          PJ, I just e-mailed Lee Kum Kee, and they gave me a list of kosher products, including mushroom soy sauce.
          I am with you on your quest for good kosher asian ingredients! Feel free to e-mail me any tips you get. I was in Israel last month, and had "Healthy Boy" sweet chili sauce at a charedi family's household. it was good, and the heksher was in hebrew, i was too busy slurping it up to translate. i have yet to find that brand of sweet chili sauce in Chicago, where i live. i doubt it would be hekshered here, anyway.

          Here's the list:

          Dear Rachel,

          Thank you for your interest in Lee Kum Kee products. Below is a list of kosher sauces that are certified by KSA:

          Chili Garlic Sauce
          Chili Oil
          Double Deluxe Soy Sauce
          Honey Garlic Sauce
          Kung Pao Stir-Fry Sauce
          Lemon Sauce
          Lite Soy Sauce
          Mushroom Flavored Dark Soy Sauce
          Orange Sauce
          Premium Dark Soy Sauce
          Premium Lite Soy Sauce
          Premium Soy Sauce
          Pure Sesame Oil
          Sambal Oelek Chili Sauce
          Soy Sauce
          Sriracha Chili Sauce
          Sweet & Sour Sauce
          Teriyaki Sauce
          Vegetarian Hoisin Sauce

          Best Regards,

          Amy Lee
          Lee Kum Kee (USA) Inc.

      2. Thanks! I am not sure this is the same company, because Huy Fong seems to make only chili sauces, and not soy sauce.

        The sriracha sauce is great.

        1. The Huy Fong Sriacha is, I believe, the original. The sauce that started it all. The rooster bottle, yes?

          I only have the garlic chili sauce (which does not have a mark) but per this pic on amazon, the sriracha is parve -


          All I can say is that I have had their products, and they are awesome. Made in California.

          1. FYI "and was rather inexpensive [roughly $3 for a 28 oz. bottle]"

            That's pretty much the norm price for it in LA. Which might explain why they can't keep up with the demand!

            1. As a note- the Huy Fong brand also does special runs under the RCC (there'll be an RCC sticker on it). They're available at the kosher grocery stores in LA.

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                I was at the 99 Cents store in Pasadena - and they had small case of the kosher chili garlic sauce from Hung Fong!

                Not a sticker, the parve mark was printed on the bottle. 8 oz, I grabbed three - one for me, one for my kosher sister, one to give - and then wondered why I did not grab more!

              2. on the west coast , at least , many do not rely on that hechsher; there is a special run supervised by the RCC of LA ----but i dont know if you can get it elsewhere.....

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                  there are many brands that have the OU or star k on them available in Pomegranate on the East Coast and online

                  1. re: koshergourmetmart

                    Can you please supply brand names? I don't think I've seen any true sriracha with an OU or Star-K.

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                      Sure is under ou and so is natural earth products. Both made,in Thailand

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                        I'll have to look for them; I can't say the brands sound familiar at all.

                      2. re: queenscook

                        The popularity of the sauce of is specifically related to Huy Fong's product (Tu'o'ung Ot Sriracha) which is a specifically Vietnamese American product (and not a Vietnamese product as the sauce is originally a Thai sauce and nobody uses it in Viet Nam). If you can find someone to get you the RCC Huy Fong version from L.A. it's worth seeking out but all of the other versions (whether from China, Thailand or Viet Nam) are just inferior knock offs with tons more preservatives. The Huy Fong version has the rooster and the green cap and is domestic (US made) all of the knock offs are imported and may have a yellow or blue cap and some other animal on the bottle.

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                          It's good, but the RCC one is not identical to the non-RCC one. Less hot.

                          1. re: ganeden

                            Are you sure? I've noticed substantial taste differences in non-RCC ones regarding spiciness - which usually relate to the seasonal chilis/how long the bottle has been open/sitting on a shelf and if it's been stored refrigerated after opening (It doesn't need to be, some VN households and most restaurants don't refrigerate, some households do).

                            I couldn't tell the difference between the RCC variety and the non-RCC variety in a blind taste test.

                            1. re: apathetichell

                              I haven't had them side by side, so perhaps it was the seasonal differences which I was attributing to hashgocha. I haven't had the non-RCC one for decades, whereas I had my first RCC one last year. However, I have a pretty good memory for heat.