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Nov 8, 2005 07:02 PM

Teaneck and Lakewood, NJ areas-restaurants

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Was in Teaneck recently and ate at Hunan Teaneck, and am interested in others' experiences there.

Anybody have a recommendation for a classy place (white-tablecloth type) of any food type in the Teaneck, New Jersey area?

Additionally, would be interested in a similar recommendation for the Lakewood, New Jersey area. I saw an ad for a French place there-has anybody been there?

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  1. There is no really classy white tablecloth kind of place in Lakewood. The French restaurant is the closest you will get to classy but its hardly a step up from Cafe K or the like. The food is good, not great, but it is probably the best you will do in Lakewood. (It is dairy btw)

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    1. re: Abby

      Hey, I'm not kosher, but I'm from Lakewood (now living in LA) :)

      It always amazed me that Lakewood's kosher restaurant selection was so poor, especially with the huge boom of hasidim in recent years. My dad is orthodox and about 4 years ago we went out to find a kosher place to eat with my grandparents, aunt & cousins (all reform/non-kosher) and the best we could find was a place in a strip mall that served chinese/deli/italian with a weird fast food like counter and glaring flourescent lighting. Food was what you expect from such an environment...

      I'm really curious to hear if there are any really excellent (or even just good) kosher restaurants that have opened in Lakewood.

      Mr. Taster

      1. re: Mr. Taster

        While it is true that there are no white tablecloth places, Tastebuds, a dairy cafe that opened recently, has great food. The service definitely could be better, but it is a good option if you like that type of food - pastas, sushi, etc.
        If you are looking for more upscale, you might want to try some of the places in deal - only 30 min. from lakewood.

        1. re: Hirscheys

          Just reawakening this old post.

          Has the kosher dining scene in Lakewood improved at all?

          Mr Taster

          1. re: Mr Taster

            There is a new meat restaurant called On the Grill. The selection is very limited, but my husband and I both enjoyed the food. Nice ambience as well (white tablecloth, etc). Personally, I don't like cumin, which was used in almost all of the food, but despite that, the food was pretty good.

    2. There is no fine dining in Teaneck. Pasta Factory is probably the most upscale you'll get. Although several places in Teaneck are priced upscale, they don't have good service, ambience or presentation.

      1. Pasta Factory is very good. The food is excellent,presentation very attractive. The prices are not bad ,compared to Manhattan. If you like sushi, Sushi Metsuyan is the best sushi anywhere. Mabat is pretty good,although the tables are quite close together. They have gotten quite expensive. Although we have not been there recently, we have always liked Shelley's.