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Oct 18, 2005 10:04 PM

Dr. Brown's Cel Ray Soda

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Is it true that Dr. Brown has discontinued its cel ray soda?

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  1. It seems to have gone missing in the Northeast, but I still see a supply here in Los Angeles. I will be very sad indeed if that is the case.

    (How is possible for an American company the size of Dr. Brown's not to have a web site?!)

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Dr Brown's is owned by Canada Dry now. Also I ran into the delivery guy the other day and he told me that the 2 liter, 99 cents bottles were just a Yom Kippur special and won't be available anymore. I've seen Cel Ray recently, much easier to get than Black Cherry which they're always out of!

      1. re: coll

        I was told at the local kosher delicatessen that Cel Ray was no longer being made and if I found any on the shelves to buy them up quick. I'm just amazed that this could be true.

        1. re: Earl

          Well I just googled Dr Brown out of curiosity and I see that DIET Cel Ray is discontinued (I didn't know there was such a thing!) so maybe that's what they meant. But I'll look this week when I go to Waldbaums...and if I run into the delivery guy again, I'll ask him for you.

            1. re: Earl
              Robert Kandler

              I work at a Teaneck kosher food establishment and when I previously left in February, Dr. Browns was discontinuing only the diet cel ray, I assume because it doesnt sell well and by the time people by it, the aspartame has lost its umph which is what happens in diet sodas,
              but since I came back in August we have had it, maybe they are still unloading the warehouse


              1. re: Robert Kandler
                gloria schalop

                i am desperately looking for dr. browns cel ray for a party the beginning of dec. any suggestions ? i am on the upper west side, nyc. thanks gloria

                1. re: gloria schalop

                  Since the original post, I've been looking to see if it's around and I haven't found it either (also can hardly find the Black Cherry, which used to be hit or miss, but now much worse). Try calling the local Canada Dry distributor and let us know what's going on! They do have the very expensive little glass bottles of the cream and black cherry, maybe they're trying to push that instead?

                  1. re: coll
                    gloria schalop

                    found celray and black cherry at pioneer on uws and gristedes on 2nd ave and 12th st. dr. browns is now distributed by canada dry. ask your local market to order it for you. good luck. gloria

                    1. re: gloria schalop

                      Just found an end of aisle display of asst 2 liter 99 cent bottles, no Cel Ray though; and no one liter or glass bottles anywhere else. Surprising for this time of year, but happy to have something. It was all diet and regular cream and black cherry (definitely don't remember so much diet stuff in the past myself).

      1. It is still available at my local Walmart in this smallish town in AZ.

        1. Katz's Deli in Houston serves it, so it must be made somewhere.

          1. Last week I had one at Liebman's in the Bronx.

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            1. re: RachelMolly

              I just bought a 6 pack of cans on Broadway close to 72nd in NYC