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Sep 21, 2005 12:37 PM

Are Sharwood's Products Kosher?

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I've heard a rumor that Sharwood's Indian cooking sauces are acceptable according to the London Bais Din. Can someone who has access to their list confirm this for me and tell me which products are on it?

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  1. Me too and for that matter is there a website with the list posted?

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    1. re: marcharlan

      I have never seen it online. I wonder if it a money issue, i.e. they want people to purchase the list.

      1. re: velorutionary

        It is indeed a question of money. The LBD web site ( does not have the Really Kosher Food Guide up for viewing, but invites the public to order it for £10, presumably plus postage, though it doesn't say.

        On the other hand, the KA kosher list is up on the web (, and it does list the Sharwood's sauces, as endorsed by the LBD:

        Approved by The London Beth Din. See special notes.
        Must be Product of England only.

        P Balti Curry Paste
        P Classic Chinese Marinade
        M Dhansak Cooking Sauce
        P Hot Curry Paste
        P Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce
        M Korma Cooking Sauce
        P Light Soy Sauce
        P Medium Curry Paste
        P Mild Curry Paste
        P Rich Soy Sauce
        M Spicy Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce
        P Tandoori Paste
        P Tenghai Sauce
        M Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce
        P Tikka Masala Curry Paste

        (M = Milchig, P = Pareve
        The "special notes" refers to this caveat from the LBD:
        "Products listed in the Kashrut Guide which are neither supervised nor logo-ed have been investigated by our food technologist and approved on this basis. The investigations cover ingredients, any processing aids and shared use of equipment. They are carried our primarily by correspondence with occasional factory visits where necessary........ It is therefore preferable, whenever possible, to buy food products made under Rabbinic Supervision."

        Now, any suggestions on where to buy these sauces in the NYC area?


        1. re: Zev Sero

          I am quite sure that the UWS Fairway carries at least some of these - last time I was there they had a good selection of British imports. I would also guess that the UES Fairway has them - there is a larger British contingent on the East side, in my experience.
          Otherwise, try super markets near the universities - the (expensive) supermarket near Washington Sq. Village/NYU carries a lot of British/Irish products, presumably for the student population.

          That said, it is not hard to make Indian food/sauces, once you have a good recipe book. In fact, I have one- The Home Book of Indian Cookery by Sipra Das Gupta (1980, Paperback). - going spare and would be delighted to send it to a new home.

          1. re: RosaSharon

            There's a British store called Myers of Keswick on Hudson.

            1. re: RosaSharon

              Um, look at the date on the comment you replied to. Then read the rest of the thread. 8 years ago they weren't common. Now they are everywhere, but they're no longer kosher, so what's the point?

              1. re: zsero

                It's not always easy to tell with the way Chowhound updates the thread. :-)

      2. Anyone have an idea? I have never seen these.

        1. Lately I've started seeing these for sale locally, so I looked them up again to see which are still kosher. Since 2005 the LBD has put its list up for public viewing. Unfortunately, Sharwoods sauces are no longer acceptable. The KA no longer lists any Sharwoods products at all. The LBD says that the curry powders (hot, medium, and mild) are kosher parev, as are the egg noodles (fine and medium), but the cooking sauces and soy sauce are definitely not kosher, and they can't get information about the chutneys (green label mango, mango & lime, and mango chilli), the lime pickle, or the stir fry sauce.

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          1. re: zsero

            This is a good list to reference for things that may come under the LBD.


            1. re: DeisCane

              The LBD's own site now lets you search the kosher list for anything.

              1. re: DeisCane

                The Irish list is not up-to-date - I have already spotted Walkers salt and vinegar crips, which have subsequently become treif:(