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Aug 25, 2005 02:48 PM

Kosher beef jerky

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I'm desperate for some kosher beef jerky. I've been keeping kosher meats for about 5 years now and have been desperate for some! Anything good out there? Please help!

-Not A Shiksa

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  1. They sell kosher beef jerky at Wasserman and Lemberger's in Baltimore.

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    1. re: David

      Do you have any contact information for them? I'm in Staten Island and have no way of finding them... have you tried it? Is it good?

      1. re: Rachel


        I too am from SI, try going to Irwin;s or Kosher Depot and asking tehm to get some. I know I would buy some.

        1. re: Ari Cohen

          Le Marais makes their own.

          1. re: Ari Cohen


            These are not located in Staten Island, right?


            1. re: Rachel

              Irwin's ( which is actually,Famous Kosher Bakery)on Victory Blvd.; and Kosher Depot, on Sunset (corner Bradley Avenue) are indeed located in Staten Island.
              I may be totally mistaken, but I think that I've seen some some type of commercially vacuum packed dried beef sticks on the counter at Kosher Island, on Victory Blvd., next door to Famous Kosher Bakery. I'm not sure if this is beef jerky.
              Barbara K., another Staten Islander

              1. re: Barbara K.


                I'm too scared to go to kosher depot - there were way too many robberies there. But I'll definitely check out the other store. Thanks a million!


                1. re: Rachel

                  You're very welcome.
                  I wasn't recommending Kosher Depot, which I wouldn't, although I wasn't aware of the robberies there. I was just letting you know where it's located :)
                  Kosher Island, on the other hand, is a nice take-out store in Staten Island, which has a good selection of prepared foods.
                  Famous Kosher Bakery is a comission bakery/kosher grocery store, which I frequent regularly.

          2. re: Rachel

            Wasserman and Lemberger - 410-486-4191

            1. re: HappyMom

              Happy Mom,

              Have you tried it? Is it good? Is it spicy? Lots of questions.... thanks for replying


              Good Shabbos,

              1. re: Rachel

                I have never tried it. I am not into that kinda stuff, so I would not know good from bad. If you decide you wanna try it and they will not ship to you let me know, maybe I can help you out.

              2. re: HappyMom

                A bunch of years ago we went to Jamaica and bought a jar of jerk seasoning. The seasoning itself is entirely an herb mix with, hot pepper, salt, sugar and vinegar.

                We couldn't enjoy jerk when in jamaica ( lack of Kosher chicken there) so I made some when I got home. you just rub the mix on chicken or beef and let it sit for a few hours..then you cook it.

                Jerk is an amazing experience...the meat is intoxicatingly spicy. even the marrow bones become infused with the spice. you get a buzz from the spicyness. it isn't just hot...there is a complex layering of flavors.

                making the Jerk is really really easy.

                unfortunately my kids hate spicy I rarely make it. it is possible to purchase jerk mixes in gourmet stores and in groceries that cater to folks from the islands...if your kashrut allows you to purchase all vegetable stuff with no hechsher...then it is possible and easy to make jerk chicken or beef .

                another alternative is to make the jerk mix at home. ( also not very difficult to do)the book Down Island Carribean Cookery by Virginie and George Elbert has a recipie..I don't know what the policy is here on quoting published recipies...but you can probably look up the spice mix on epicurious. it is really easy to make..and an event to eat.

          3. The best jerky I had was from a butcher in Beachwood, OH called Shimon's. He has his own smoker for all his deli.

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            1. re: abe

              The butchers name is Tibor's. They sell could vacuum pack all their meats. Besides deli and beef jerky they also make great turkey jerky and salami sticks.
              They would probably deliver.
              2185 S. Green Rd.
              University Heights, Ohio 44121

              1. re: abe

                Thanks... but I called and they wont ship :(

            2. Does anyone have actual contact information for getting beef jerky? Like a phone number? I had "beef jerky" at Prime Grill, so-ooo good... I didnt know Le Marais had any. Are these packaged air tight - so you dont have to freeze it?

              1. if you are in new york try glatt mart on avenue m and east 12th in brooklyn, they make their own and also have their own smoker for all their deli, great smoked turkey, salamis sausages , pastrami etc.

                1. a
                  avrum goldfein

                  And while we're at it, can anyone locate some kosher biltong (South African beef jerky)?