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Aug 11, 2005 02:58 PM

Wendy's plate

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Is this place any good? if so, what to order?

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  1. i've been to wendy's plate, though it's been a while. i remember the food to be quite good. i seem to recall ordering a sizzling thai brown rice and vegetable dish that was excellent. if the quality of the food is as good as it was then, you should enjoy it.

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        Wendy's Plate is excellent, Wendy and her husband prepare flavorul food using fresh ingredients...this restaurant has been "under the radar" for too long.
        The fish dishes are always a standout.

        I forget the exact address, it's in Flatbush near another Yiddy restaurant called Fuji Hana or something like that.

        1. re: amy t.

          Yes, it's on Avenue U, on the south side of the street, at approximately East 3rd St.

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      corned beef king

      Great place,Eventhough It is dairy.All the fish is good,Alfredo sauce that delongs on avenue U. Fresh Pizzas on crispy foccacio.The chef Gabe went to Chef school and he knows what he is doing.

      1. If you are a food lover, Wendy's Plate is the best. It has become my favorite non-meat restaurant of all time - and I am old and have been around. The kitchen staff is highly gifted at taking mostly vegetables and making them taste delicious. Fellow elderly, take heed, this is the place to eat to stay healthy. The place is filled with young slender women. They know where to eat. The portions are generous and everyone leaves the restaurant smiling that they were able to eat a grand delicious meal without putting unhealthy food into their bodies. I love love love this place.

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          you know why fish are so thin? they eat fish.

        2. I actually really like the food here, but the service can be pretty terrible and it can get VERY noisy. I tend to go in the summer when the regulars are away at their summer homes.

          1. I went on Mother's Day. My mom and I shared a salad, and a pizza. There was more than enough food, and we took some home. Everyone around us seemed to be enjoying their meals. I've also done takeout. The soups are fantastic. There's something for everyone on that menu.