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Jul 29, 2005 10:47 AM

Kosher in LAX?

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Are there any kosher food establishments in LAX or packaged sandwiches?

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  1. Not that I have ever heard of or seen. Sorry!

    1. Don't know about this 1st hand but an ad in the local Community Links says sandwiches and such can be found at LAX - Delta Terminal as well as Long Beach and Burbank airports by "Got Kosher" under star K supervision.

      For info call (310) 858-3123
      or email

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        Anyone know if there is still kosher to be found at LAX??

      2. I don't even think that there is EDIBLE food at LAX, let alone Kosher food!

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          Try these guys: They are LA based. They can meet you at LAX (I've used them to do just that), but delivery can be pricey.

          1. re: KosherKing

            We were on a 4 hour layover in LAX a few weeks ago. Jeff's Gourmet Sausages were happy to deliver, and it was fantastic.


            1. re: cweissman

              That is great to know - they are great! one of my favorites in LA