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Jun 22, 2005 03:33 PM


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We will be in Cedarhurst this evening, and would like some tried and true recommendations for nice restaurants in the area. Preferably not fast food, unless the food is really unusually good.
Not sure if we will go for dairy or meat, so all suggestions and detailed comments are welcome. Already checked the Shamash list, and don't see any comments past 2003.

Barbara K.

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  1. i highly recommend sushi metzuyan on central ave., in cedarhurst. it's meat and fish, has a tremendous menu. everything is fresh and delicious. they have a beautiful salt water fish tank extending through the length of the restaurant. i recommend the cooked sushi rolls as well as their steaks.

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    1. re: entrails

      I have heard good things about Shushi Mitsuyan. We are not shushi fans, but would definitely consider the cooked fish, and meat selections. Can you tell me if these are prepared Japanese/Oriental style, i.e. with teriyaki type sauces?
      We just ate in Moshi Moshi in Brooklyn (a big disappointment) on Sunday, and it had the type of menu that I just described.
      Even if Sushi Mitsuyan has better food and ambience, I don't think I'm ready for another Japanese style experience so soon.
      If their food is prepared in a different style though, we might consider it.

      1. re: Barbara K.

        they have a huge selection of very tasty food, with a variety of sauces. they have good selections for kids as well. i have never had a mediocre experience there. every meal has been delicious. i've never been to moshi moshi. but, have never heard a negative review of sushi metzuyan. give it a whirl.

        1. re: entrails

          The only problem I have had in recent history at Sushi Metsuyan is that the pan seared tuna was cooked through, a real no-no.

          1. re: Tina

            the cook should be burned at the steak for that.

        2. re: Barbara K.

          Here's the link to their website. Check it out, browse their menu (heavily Japanese, but other choices too), then decide for yourselves.


          1. re: uncle moishy

            Thanks to Entrails, and Uncle Moishy for the info. on Sushi Mitsuyan in Cedarhurst. We ended up in King David - my husband's choice.
            After seeing the S.M. website, which I didn't get to look at, until this morning, I'm sure we will check it out at some point. The menu looks terrific, and the place looks very nice.
            In any case, I can recommend the garlic pastrami at King David's, which this garlic lover had, in a sandwich with turkey breast, lettuce and tomato, and Russian dressing on garlic club bread. It was really good, and helped me get over my disappointment at my husband's choice of restaurant.

            To continue this discussion:
            Any recommendations for nice dairy restaurants in the Lawrence/Cedarhurst area?

            1. re: Barbara K.

              Depending on what you are looking for- you can have a good time at Ruthie's.

        3. re: entrails

          I went there once; the food was very good, but it was extraordinarily noisy. I felt like I was on an airport tarmac. I think much of the problem arises because of all the hard surfaces in the restuarant which reflect the noise, and its narrow shape which seems to focus it.

        4. i highly recommend sushi metzuyan on central ave., in cedarhurst. it's meat and fish, has a tremendous menu. everything is fresh and delicious. they have a beautiful salt water fish tank extending through the length of the restaurant. i recommend the cooked sushi rolls as well as their steaks.

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          1. re: entrails

            had Dinner at Sushi Metzuyan in Kew Garden Hills last night.
            servers there hustle, but they don't seem very experienced.
            (left out wood serving spoons, missed side dishes, forgot house cold slaw)

            Asian Grilled Veggie Salad - this a great table setup salad 4 people can share as an appetizer with the house cold slaw, and also eat as an added side with their mains. it comes with a great carrot and ginger dressing on the side. -smart item to order!
            El Bomba - 2 huge avocado potato tomato eggrolls, cut in half, side served with an amazing green cilantro sauce. - this is a must order item!
            BBQ Lamb Spare Ribs - very sweet and soft and typically more bone and gristle than meat. - don't bother with this item.
            Malaysian BBQ Chicken - lightly sweet and peppery, great texture on the seared white meat. - great choice for the less adventurous diner.
            Bulgagi PaperBeef - soft lightly sweet lean steak meat shreds, mushrooms were hard to find in the mix. - good to try, but not re-order worthy.
            Hiro's Fries - perfectly fried thin sticks, salted and peppered - definitely try!
            Coconut Glazed Rice - flavor compliments most sweet & sour dishes well.
            Jasmine White Rice - may seem like an odd flavor for some pallets.

            I look foreword to going back and trying more stuff on the menu.
            a few doors down they will be opening a Sea Dolphin fish restaurant,
            so these two places will have to compete hard on their cooked fish menus.

            1. re: Joe Berger

              Bistro Grill in Woodmere is an excellent meat choice

              As to dairy/fish Central Perk Cafe in Cedarhurst would be a nice choice.

              This web site has lots of the 5 towns dining choices.

              1. re: MartyB

                Look out for Off the Grill to open up in the former Pizza Professor/Central Avenue Pizza/Jerusalem Steakhouse location.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    They are still doing construction in the store. Their sign doesn't say when they will open.

          2. The food at Sushi metsuyan is terrific. But be aware that service often borders on terrible (We told our waiter when we had a flight to catch, and we still watched other ppl come in, get served, and leave before us. And yes, they ordered the same things we did!). And it is VER"Y crowded and noisy. You really can't have a private, intimate dinner there with everyone on top of each other.

            For dairy, I love Pescado. Great food, great service.

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            1. re: eatgood

              Sushi has great food, but horrible service. It sometimes appears that they are so involved in putting together takeout orders that they neglect customers, who are dining in the restaurant.

              I may not be the sharpest cheese in the refrigerator (in regard to the restaurant trade), but something seems wrong with how the service is organized in Sushi M. For example, why should wraps that used pre cut vegetables and slivers of grilled meat take half an hour to prepare? I only go to Sushi because of it terrific food. If the food was not good, I would not go there anymore.

            2. Chosen Island is another fine choice.

              Chosen Island - 367 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516......(516)374-1199