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Jan 12, 2004 11:54 PM

Where can I find the French drink Pastis or Ricard ?

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Brought some back from France... can't find any here so far :(

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  1. I saw it at Andronico's Berkeley just last week...

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      Also try or They have retail stores all over the Bay Area too.

    2. Relax, no problem. As Alexandra mentioned, it is available at Andronico's, but more importantly it is widely available at better liquor stores, including Beverages and More (although they have a pretty paltry selection for as big a store as it is). Ricard is actually a brand of Pastis, so just ask where the Pastis section is and it should be there amongst several other brands. Do not let anyone confuse you with Pernod. While it does have an anise flavor, it is not exactly the same thing as Pastis (although both are descendants of Absinthe). If you're really interested in the subject, Saveur had a fantastic feature article a few years back that covered all of the history and tasting notes quite well. Keep an eye out for some of the more elaborately packaged Pastis that even come with a little slotted spoon and/or a couple of cubes of authentic French cane sugar to complete the ritual.

      It's a little cold to be thinking about Pastis, but now that you mention it, I'm reminded of many a warm afternoon with a tall glass of ice, bottle of pastis, pitcher of water and a heated game of Petanque. See you in Marseilles.

      a votre sante!

      1. thanks for your help, you'll all been so helpful.