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May 18, 2005 03:34 PM

Fairway bakery

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anybody been to the bakery at fairway? is it any good?
is everything kosher?

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    Decent bakery.

    All products that are certified are noted as such adjacent to the product description.

    Some products are [significantly] better than others.

    They do carry some fine tasting cannolis. I also like their small rolls [ciabatta, rustic rolls, sourdough, etc.]

    Sometimes they have [sweet] brioche rolls. Very good stuff.

    1. We love the three berry pie and the coffee crumb cake.

      1. Some of the baked good are great. Some are OK. The ones Fairway makes in its own bakery tend to be better than the ones made by an outside kosher bakery (most of the 'fancy' but tasteless cakes in the closed case).

        1. Many of the breads are kosher; the ones that are will be marked. The dairy pastry display cases have hashgacha at the UWS, Harlem, and UES stores only, and should be marked as such as well. They're decent, but not incredible.

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          1. re: masteraleph

            The stuff in the cases made by the outside super kosher bakery are decent if you have low expectations and care more about the 'right' kind of kosher than taste. For the non Orthodox Jewish customers, taste is more important and the reason for the reduced bakery sales among the non Orthodox is the only low level decent taste of the cakes in the cases. They also have these super Orthodox cakes in the Woodland Park store on route 46.

            1. re: troyfamily

              I've never found even the Fairway bakery goods- which I'm referring to above, not the outside "super kosher" ones- to be incredible. They're decent, but there are plenty of dedicated bakeries, albeit many in more inconvenient places, that do pastries better.

          2. I love the breads. They have a lot of breads that are hard to find under supervision, not because of kashrut issues but because people aren't demanding them. They're nice breads with real, crunch crusts and not just dry edges like the pre-sliced loaves that come in plastic bags. I grew up in San Francisco with our wonderful sourdough and worked in a traditional French bakery, so I prefer crust breads.

            I've never had a bad pastry from Fairway, but nothing truly outstanding either.

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              1. re: AdinaA

                i also LOVE their hamentashen

                i agree that not everything has been amazing BUT- the baguette will be missed if it becomes no longer kosher, and i already miss the strawberry shortcake

                1. re: shoelace

                  I saw the strawberry shortcake on the East Side at 86th street.

                  1. re: Maven123

                    im in queens, our bakery isnt kosher anymore