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May 9, 2005 11:21 AM

prime grill

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i went last nigh for mothers day, they had a special menu, it was horrible, all my favorites were missing, no duck spring rolls, no jerky, none of the great desserts, also it was even more mobbed then usual, i am a regular and was quite disappointed. also the service was incredibly lousy, but then i got my prime reserve cut, and i was happy again, however i would caution anyone , when making reservations, ask if they have the regular menu

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  1. Prime Grill gets consistently horrible service reviews. For the money they charge, I find this obscene.

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    1. re: Josh

      While I have not patronized the NYC location in part due to the bad reviews for service on this board, I will say the Aventura, FL local had good service and is well designed (they took over someone else's space).

      I would hope they could make improvements but if their model is working they may have no need to change.

    2. Prime grill is outrageously expensive. I was there a few weeks ago and it was 100$ a pop, and we didnt have any wine and we split a dessert. The steaks are good but not worth the $ for me. Its just too expensive. My favorite thing at prime grill is the veal chop. I will go back but not so fast.

      I have been going to le marais a lot lately. dinner for 2 was 70$. I like the steak frites and the sausage couscous platter.

      1. IMO, Prime Grill is not notably more expensive than similar (in style) treyf restaurants. I agree the service could be better, though.

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        1. re: DeisCane

          Does the service improve at the Manhattan location with repeat visits? My impression based on my two times there is that most diners are treated like out-of-town nobodies, and that the only attention is paid to the regulars. It seems more like a club in which the rest of us are just tourists who managed to get past the hostess.

          For what Prime Grill charges, you would expect more than sushi rolls left out on the counter too long or lukewarm fries.

          1. re: Dovid

            You have just described my feelings about the place. They didn't care about our reservations (kept us waiting forever, with no apologies), they squeezed us into two large, overstuffed (meaning they had seated about ten diners at two tables that might have seated 6 or 8) and loud tables, which killed our romantic evening. They didn't explain, when I ordered my entree, that the sauce described on the menu was not actually involved, and that had been what enticed me. The hostess and management clearly had regular "darlings" who received decent service and lots of attention, one of whom was actually allowed to smoke at his table! The food was okay, but certainly not worth the money it cost us, and it did not feel like a special night out. I know there are people here who absolutely love the place, but I'm in no hurry to go back.

        2. I'm surprised about all the bad comments. I went there last summer with family (grandfather meets the boyfriend for the first time event) after a show and we had a fantastic time. Everything was cooked perfectly and they made substitutions with ease (my bf and dad even bonded over the steak fries with truffle oil). The maitre d' stopped by after every course (the place was packed btw), and even brought the ladies (my mum and I) complimentary drinks (more than once). The only thing off was that the maitre d' basically seems to come off (seemingly implied he is Jewish), is actually not (and sort of implied he was the owner). He's Algerian (and an offshort of a muslim sect, very small I forgot the actual name), SO knows the area and the accent (they spoke in French, both are fluent) and caught it. Not that it matters but just seemed a bit odd. He still was charming and sweet and spent so much time with us (a bit flirty, )(Should say we're not a posh family as such, so it wasn't like sweet talking the Hiltons for a huge tip). You will wind up with a huge bill but if you can afford it/it's a special occassion - I would go again. .. Looking back - The waiter wasn't on top of things like some other places, but the maitre d' was on top of him and took care of us...

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          1. re: weepopstar

            You are probably thinking of Ziggy, the long-time maitre d', but it also could have been his cousin Murad who used to work there as well, but later left to La Carne Grill, and is presently working at La Creperie.

          2. My husband and I went the The Prime Grill last week 2 Times since we were in NY and can't get an aged steak anywhere else. We had the filet and the next day we had the Delmonico, both were EXCELLENT. Now, while the food was really good I do agree they only "SERVICE" the regulars.And it they dont know you, you dont get a good waiter. We were definitly not treated equal and it was clear that the staff attended to the people they knew. Le Maris is much more reasonable and taste pretty good! We would still go back to The prime grill for the food. As for the Prime 18 which is in Aventura it is not the same company and the food is very poor quality, as of a few months ago.

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            1. re: sig

              I am curious, are they still offering the Delmonico only once a week, I think it was tuesday or was it wednesday, never over the weekend? That is my favorite, which I always order whenever I go to Bisto Grill..

                1. re: MartyB

                  La carne Grille is under the same ownership as prime grill and they offer the delmonico all week, IMHO it tastes even better than PG's

                  1. re: kiddush hopper

                    I can't understand the logic of offering it one day a week, a tuesday yet! If they want to offer it just for one day let it be a saturday night or sunday, but tuesday? I usually go out either saturday nights or sunday, not a tuesday night. If for some reason they feel that the chef can only prepare it only once a week, then rotate their offerings, this way there is a fighting chance for it being offered on the weekend..

                    1. re: kiddush hopper

                      Close, but no cigar. The owners are brothers, and their dad is partners with the former establishment.