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Apr 1, 2005 01:22 PM

Worst Kosher Pizza in NYC

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I vote for a tie between the cold shrivelled up slices at Bagels & Co. and the dirty, three-day-old pies at Cafe Roma, always served with a frown.

We also have to acknowledge some of the best pizza -- for me, that's Cafe Viva.

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  1. k
    Kosher Maven

    I have to agree with you about Viva... not only do they have good kosher pizza, they deliver on Shabbos! Shabbat Shalom chowhounds!

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    1. re: Kosher Maven

      I happen to like the greasiness of J2 as well as the healthy, fresh taste of Viva,

      but since we're talking about NYC and that does include the 5 Boroughs, I would venture to say that the best Kosher Pizza is at Pizza Time in Brooklyn, Avenue J between 14th and 15th (or it could be 15th /16th) streets.

      Amnon's in Borough Park is also good.

      I would say the worst Kosher pizza I have had is at the Vegetable Garden on 41st bet. Park and Madison.

      Why are there no good pizza options on the east side in Midtown?!?!

      1. re: RachelMolly

        pizza time is pretty good, and they aren't mean to their customers, which is a plus.

        1. re: soy vey

          There are many places that can be up for the "worst kosher pizza", but since we started talking about the best I think someone should mention Makor Cafe! Their pizza is individual pies but they are so crispy and so fresh. no greasyness just good fresh ingredients.

          1. re: RachelMolly

            yes, pizza time is the BEST kosher pizza i've ever eaten!

        2. I agree with you on Viva's pizza. We love the one downtown. Definitely our favorite. My husband is not a pizza fan but he loves Viva's pizza. It can get a bit expensive.

          I don't like J2 or Roma. I think J2 has all this hype and its really just so greasy.

          1. I think the pizza at Pizza Cave on West 72nd is excellent.

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            1. re: Howard

              Pizza cave is horrible. it is a sad state of affairs that a place like that can even survive.
              i've yet to find anything close to Pizza Time quality in Manhattan. any suggestions?

            2. If we're talking about anywhere in ny, my vote goes to Pizza Professor in queens. Best pizza I've ever had! The Italian pies are amazing.

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              1. re: Hirschey's

                Another vote for the Professor! I like that they use fresh veggies on their pizzas.

                1. re: hg

                  I concur. Pizza Professor is the absolute best pizza our family has had anywhere in the NYC area. The special combination pizzas - Professor Italiano with portabello 'shrooms and sundried tomatoes was one of 'em - was an unbelievable value; don't know if it still is, what with the recent food price increases all over the land.

                  The Pizza Professor reminds us of the old location Mama Leah's Pizza (across from non-kosher Papa John's Pizza) on Reistertown Roda in Baltimore, MD.

                  Hands down, our favorite pizza anywhere is Pizza World (nee Kosher Nostra) in L.A. The mexican pizza there is superb (it was 25 years ago when we first had it, and it still is)... it used to have great sauce, a thin layer of refried beans, lots of melted cheese, all topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and avacado... yum! The milchig mexican items at Pizza World are great, and we don't understand why we can't find ANY kosher mexican restaurants or pizza places with Mexican food anywhere in the NYC area! I'm sure it would be VERY popular, based on the number of New Yorkers who gobble up the stuff at Pizza World, Kosher Pizza Express, and other eateries with milchig Mexican food in the L.A. area (and puh-lease, don't mention the fleishig Carlos and Gabby's cantina in Cedarhurst, NY which doesn't resemble real Mexican food in the least, though the sandwiches are very tasty, but pricy).

                  Boruch Hashem we can get all kinds of kosher-certified tortillas (both corn and wheat) and salsas in the NYC area these days, so we can make our own milchig and fleishig Mexican food!


                2. re: Hirschey's

                  Just went there for the first time after hearing all of the hype--seriously delicious pizza! so glad we went!

                3. I haven't ever really tasted a very good kosher pie.

                  Some of the worst include:
                  Pizza Professor (Queens and Cedarhurst)
                  J2 (Midtown)
                  Naomi's (Queens)

                  Some of the better:
                  Viva Pizza
                  Pizza Cave (UWS)
                  Pizza Pious (Woodmere)
                  Sabra's (Cedarhurst)

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                  1. re: Josh

                    thanks for mentioning jII, the filthy overpriced go-to spot for hungry families of 12. their miniscule slices repel us, but that convenient midtown location keeps us coming back for more.