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Mar 24, 2005 09:03 AM

OZU on the UWS

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Has anyone tried this vegan/kosher place on Amsterdam in the high 80's? Noticed it for the first time last week and wondering if it is any good. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have eaten at Ozu many times. It is one of my favorites. Food is great and inexpensive. By the way, they do serve fish as well.
    The kosher supervision is by Rabbi Yaakov Spivak of United Kosher Supervision. Not universally accepted but I spoke to him and was satisfied personally, especially since it is non-meat.
    Incidentally, the place next door -- Quintessence -- is also under his supervision. That is vegan and, in fact, the food is not cooked. Not bad in the summertime. More expensive but nice ambience.

    1. I went there and I didn't think it was very good, although my vegetarian friend who was with me thought it was good, so maybe I'm not so used to vegetarian food.

      1. i love this place. the best thing i have had there is the basil rolls- and the ozu roll. i am not a vegetarian and this is my favorite place in the city. but don't go with more than 3 people- there really isnt anywhere for more than 4 ppl to sit.

        1. Good food, and very healthy. I hope people will discover this place, as they are a good alternative to the usual places.

          Hopefully more and more vegetarian restaurants (or nearly veggie, as some serve fish) will become kosher and kosher people will try them out. In order to make getting supervision worthwhile for restauranteurs, diners need to broaden their horizons and check them out.

          1. v

            I haven't been there in the last few months.

            As far as I remember...
            The food is really good, prices are affordable and the service is decent.

            Great place for a veg dinner.