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Mar 15, 2005 03:53 PM

ISO kosher tamarind paste

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Help! I have been reading Jennifer Abadi's cookbook, "A Fistful of Lentils," (from the library), and want to try some of the recipes. A frequently used ingredient in Syrian-Jewish cooking is tamarind paste, for sourness in sweet & sour foods.

Now I haven't been able to find a paste that has a hecksher! At Global Foods, here in St. Louis, I found a package of paste made in Thailand, that contains "tamarind, salt.", but that is not sufficiently o.k. for my home use.

Does anyone know of any kosher paste????
Thanks, p.j.

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  1. I found some in Deal, NJ the kosher store there. It has a chaf-k hechsher.

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      why not buy fresh tamarind and make your own paste. All you have to do is soak a thumb sized piece of tamarind in warm water until the tamarind starts to break up. Mix it all together, and you've got your paste

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        Thanks, HG. Do you know the brand name of your paste?
        If I had a name, I could contact the company and find out where they distribute.
        Take care, p.j.

      2. Until you find the tamarind paste, lemon juice can be used as a substitute. But you have to add towards the end of cooking other you lose the sweet/sour characteristics.

        I've learned this from Indian cuisine.

        1. has full list of strictly kosher indian pickles and pastes

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            I emailed kavannah recently. They said that they would love to market their product in the US, they just need a distributor. Anyone in that business? I could put you in touch with that person. I would really love curry paste and black bean sauce, etc to be avalilable here. :)

          2. Here in Brooklyn. They sell a kosher one from a company called Setton Farms. its something like 13 dollars a jar.

            1. The only place you can get it is in the kosher grocery stores on Kings Highway in Brooklyn, and even then it can be difficult to find with reliable kosher supervision. One of the stores on Kings Highway, Holon grocery, has a website and you may be able to order it from them.