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Mar 15, 2005 12:35 PM

Bakery - - Crumbs

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This past Sunday, my wife, son and I discovered a bakery called Crumbs on the upper east side of Manhattan. A certificate in the store indicates that the baked products are under OKS supervision.

There were many interesting looking cakes and unusual varieties of cupcakes and cookies. We shared a cappucino flavored cupcake and found it quite good.

Anyone else have any experience with Crumbs? The menu indicated that the bakery also has a shop on the upper west side and in the Hamptons.

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  1. It's a nice place to hang out with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. I find the prices on cookies ($20.00 a pound) to be high, but paying $3.50 -$5.00 for a peice of cake to stay is not bad. Good cakes in general, but the cheesecakes are a bit fussy for my taste

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      BTW, I've only been to the Upper West Side location

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      I agree with your assessment of Crumbs. I have found no difference between the two NY locations in terms of product quality, they are both great.

      Cupcakes are their specialty, and I was quite impressed. Some flavors are geared for children or for those with a serious sweet tooth, like their Snickers cupcake.

      The atmosphere is cozy and they use actual [not disposable] mugs and plates and their [hot] drinks are fantastic as well.

      IMHO this is the best place in NYC to stop off for (dairy) dessert or for a (sweet) snack.

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        Does Crumbs have a reliable kosher certification?

        1. re: doron

          Depends on what you consider reliable. The certification is OKS, Rabbi Harry Cohen, who is known for some....interesting opinions on bishul akum.

          Incidentally, there's a new Crumbs opening up in that big construction project between 97th and 100th on Columbus (along with Whole Foods, Borders, and other retail).

          1. re: masteraleph

            Ohh, masteraleph, I hope they do. Finally, cupcakes for dinner for me! They also have locations in the Village and near Wall Street, unless they closed in the last few months.

            I love them although an entire cupcake is too much for me.

          2. re: doron

            According to most Orthodox poskim on the Upper West Side (including my Rabbi) it does not have a reliable certification. Ask your LOR.

        2. 2 sweet and terrible service in the UWS location.