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Mar 11, 2005 08:19 PM

Kosher in Soho, NYC

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Looking for a place for lunch in Soho ... in the area of Houston and Broadway


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  1. Hoomoos Asli. Non-glatt. Very good.

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    1. re: Josh

      Hmm. Head to Circa next to Century 21 South of where you'll be OR order delivery from them and have 'em deliver a sandwich or salad to the Starbucks on Spring & Crosby and have it with a Starbucks beverage -- Yiddishe cup or what?!

      1. re: amy t.

        Interesting idea. Just curious, would Starbucks actually allow you to do something like that?

      2. re: Josh

        I walked past today. The sign says Kosher in "English" and Hebrew script, but there is no claim made as to their status
        in their take-away menu. I also didn't see anything posted near the entrance or on the wall back by the kitchen. It's also not listed in or My guess is that they are not under anyone's supervision.

        1. re: Dovid

          I see that Hoomoos Asli (it's in Nolita on Kenmare near Mulberry)
          is listed under the supervision of Rabbi Leonard Bronstein. The source of this information is Kosher-NY: Rabbi Bronstein also certifies (not certain of the current status) the following in Manhattan: Pastrami Queen, Rectangles, Fine & Shapiro, Siegel's Deli and Chickpea. These are all open on Shabbos.

          1. re: Dovid

            Siegels is actually closed...and chickpea lost its hashgacha.

            1. re: LoveKosherEats


              Don't know if you heard, but Rabbi Bronstein passed away in a lot of those hashgachas have changed...