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Jan 24, 2005 11:13 AM

Shallots Bistro in Skokie, IL

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I was wondering if anyone has made to the new Shallots Bistro Skokie and how it compares to their original spot in CHicago?

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  1. David,

    Yes. The space is somewhat bigger, has a piano AND a big ol' parking lot. Also in the summer there is outdoor dining.

    1. I do have a comment regarding Shallot's. I think that their prices are outrageous for the quality of food. Ever since the chef that originally opened the restaurant left (I believe her name was Laura Frankel), the place had just started going downhill. They changed the decor, which is just plain gaudy. The food, although decent, is incredibly expensive. My husband and I went there recently to celebrate my birthday and left having spent over $200 without having any liqour. The service is quite good, but nobody is bending over backwards to provide top-notch service.
      Having just come from a week of dining in Miami, I once again come to the conclusion that Chicago has a pretty pitiful kosher dining scene.

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      1. re: lenchik

        Yep I've gotta agree with all that. Esp. the Miami part!

        1. re: rachelb99

          I agree I dont know why there have been some good reviews posted. My last 3 times were bad, I shouldn't go back.
          Last time I ordered a chicken dish just because it came with wild mushroom risotto.
          When it came to the table and was not fresh-really old crusty and hard risotto, I complained and the chef told the waiter to tell me it is al dente! The nerve!!!!

      2. I have been to Shallots Bistro both under the older ownership and the new and I find the new to be much more pleasant. The service is more attentive. The food more inventive. In fact, they have now started a Sushi Wednesday where they have the regular, diverse menu, but also a wide variety of delicious sushi dishes. I love the place and receive everything that I would expect from a top restaurant that just happens to be kosher.

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        1. re: faleentoby

          Why does adding Sushi make the place better? Why can't they just focus on improving their existing menu and let a sushi restaurant provide the "wide variety of delicious sushi dishes."

          1. re: faleentoby

            Actually, this is what it says on their website:

            Shallots Sushi Bar & Lounge is opening later this summer. Come in every Wednesday
            evening starting May 13th to sample some of our specialty rolls and appetizers prepared by
            our award winning Sushi chefs. Limited selection available, come taste different items every
            week until the grand opening!

            So it looks like they're expanding.

            1. re: ferret

              I follow them on Twitter - @Shallots - and they tweet about the sushi nights, they give away free sushi, and post pics of the rolls. They have had Copper River Salmon nigiri sushi the last couple weeks!
              Baby keeps us in most nights, but I can dream...

              1. re: rachelb99

                just hosted my sister's bridal shower at Shallot's. Joelle and the rest of the crew did a phenomenal job. It took very little effort on my part and for a change I was able to enjoy the party!
                The food was delicious, the atmosphere was great and it was just an overall wonderful experience!
                when I attended the tasting there a few days before the shower (which by the way, who even offers a tasting for a shower - so cool!), Joelle took the time to listen to all requests and accommodate all of our restrictions and the chef was able to present certain items, such as the exact salad right on the spot. It was so beautiful that the table right next to us ordered the exact same thing even though it's not even on the menu!
                I have posted a "not so happy" review about Shallot's earlier on, and I am still not certain whether I would just randomly come for dinner as it is quite pricey, but for a special occasion, Shallot's is 100% worth it! They literally took the headache out of planning:)

          2. I have some family coming over from Japan in the next few weeks but they all have expensive taste. There are only a few Award Winning Sushi Chefs in Chicago that I know of, and I have already made reservations at their restaurants. As for Shallots, they claim to have Award Winning Sushi Chefs but I can not seem to get any answers when I ask. I have called the restaurant once and was told that the person who knows is not available so I gave her my phone number but was never given a call back. I emailed the website twice and failed to receive a reply back.

            What's the deal? If they haven't won any awards, why advertise? If they're award winning chefs, then can't you just tell me?????????????????

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            1. re: JennLis

              Their restaurant is closed down and for now only their catering is available. Newest news as of this week from their facebook fan page is that they don't know if and when they are going to open in a temporary location (i.e. they are not opening in the Doubletree Hotel as they previously said they would). Your best bet for sushi right now in Chicago would be Morgan Harbor Grill.

              1. re: JennLis

                According to someone who spoke to Shallot's yesterday, Shallot's sushi can be ordered at any time for catering. However, as it appears that your family is able to eat throughout the city, I would like to point out that since Shallot's is a kosher restaurant, the selection of fish used in their sushi/rolls is rather limited. Having said that, their sushi is quite excellent and it's a shame they are currently unavailable to host diners.

                1. re: JennLis

                  I don't understand this "Award Winning" concept at all and I certainly don't get why you're hung up on it. As you say, "good food is good food" - awards have little to do with anything except marketing.

                  For example, Katsu, which many people believe is an exceptional sushi restaurant doesn't advertise awards -- they don't even advertise at all, because they don't need to. So if you insist on only places with "awards" you may miss the better experiences.

                  1. re: ferret

                    Agreed, I miss Katsu. Although they were mentioned in the "Time Traveler's Wife":)

              2. I heard that Shallot's is supposed to be making an announcement this week regarding their new location. Also, if anyone is interested, their sushi chef is located in the WiFi building full time and they also have a very limited dinner menu. If you call them, they will set up a private dinner for you in one of the conference rooms in the WiFi building.