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Jan 14, 2005 12:40 PM

Kishke Preparation

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Just looking for any tips on how to prepare (and more importantly KEEP) kishke so that it's tasty for shabbos lunch. I've normally taken it out of the outer wrap, left the inner wrap on, and placed it on top of the cholent in the crock pot and just let it cook that way. It expands to about twice the frozen size and is cooked nicely, but very loose and difficult to slice. I've also tried to bake it at 350 for like 90 mins in advance of shabbos and put it on the blech/hotplate but it dries out too easily. Any tips are much appreciated! Also, what brands do you like best??

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  1. The best & most flavorable store bought kishka hands down is from Meal Mart. Hungarians rock when it comes to anything related to cholent & "heartburn"

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      Don't know if you're interested in venturing into homemade kishka, but I have tried both recipes from the Spice and Spirit cookbook, and they get huge (but a bit mushy). They're really tasty.

      If you have a food processor it's pretty easy.

      I have found that all the brands taste the same. I am referrinn only to the pareve ones, though.

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        Parve kishke??? Blasphemy!!! (Pardon me, all you vegetarians!)

    2. I just read somewhere that adding it to the crockpot frozen works quite well.

      1. I make my own kishka. I find in order to prevent the mushy thing with any kishka you need to allow it to sit (and settle) for a few minutes after you unwrap it (from the foil)and before you slice it. This shabbos my kishka came out in perfectly formed slices. G'luck!

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          corned beef king

          please Happy Mom teach us how to make homemade kishke

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            corned beef king

            Happy Mom Please teach us how to make kishke

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              I have a recipe for a real kishka, but I only made it once, and I did not like it. I usually make a mock kishka consisting of the round salted crackers, 3/4 stick margarine, 5-6 medium/large carrrots, 4 stalks celery, and 2 medium/large onions. I fit the food processor with the blade and process 4 stacks of crackers through it till powdery. Transfer to large bowl. Alternate celery, carrots, onions and margarine in food processor. Mix with crackers. Cut foil, form two kishka loaves, double wrap in foil. Bake 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I make several at once, and freeze raw. Do not slice kishka straight from oven, it will become mushy. I also play around with the vegetable amounts, it changes the tastes. G'luck.

          2. This is what i do and it usually comes out amazing.

            remove the outer wraping and pre slice. Then wrap in tin foil. not to loose but not too tight so that the chulent juices can get in the tin. Just plop on top of the chulent and let it cook with it.