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Dec 16, 2004 10:31 AM

faux bacon

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Someone told me that they were recently served a turkey bacon in Florida. It was not kosher. Has anyone heard of a kosher turkey bacon product, or a non-meat bacon?

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  1. There are two vegetarian bacon products that I've used. One is Worthington Stripples. The other one is made by Morningstar Farms, I believe, but I don't know what the product is called. It's in the green Morningstar Farms box.

    One suggestion, if you're planning on using it in a prepared dish as a bacon substitute, as opposed to serving it alongside eggs or something. Unlike regular bacon, it won't retain its texture when mixed in with other foods. It gets a little soggy and mealy. So if you're stirring it into something, wait until the very end of the food preparation. I've used it in pasta recipes that call for bacon, and I add it in right before serving.

    Don't know how you're using it, so my comment may be unnecessary.

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      While a bit off topic, I am not a fan of the morningstar bacon. However the sausage patties and links are great even for someone with a treyf pallate.


      1. re: MSK

        I like the morningstar facon. :-)

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          The Morningstar Farms product smells so real we never use it before friends are coming over just to avoid doubt. If you put it on a cookie sheet in the oven it get vey crisp.

          Only issue is that it is DAIRY.


          1. re: SandyW

            Good points, but that's exactly why we LOVE to serve it for guests. It's like a Folger's moment when we serve it to them! As for it being dairy, that's usually not a problem b/c we serve it for bfast, though I guess you'd want to put it on a burger?

            1. re: Deiscane

              I have a bigger problem finding things that are meaty tasting and dairy than I do meaty tasting and meat. ;)

              I'll give the sheetpan trick a try.


    2. Both Aarons and Abeles & Hyman make something called "Beef Strips" (I think thats what its called). It's very fatty, but delicious. You fry it like bacon.

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      1. re: hanistor

        I love the Abeles and Heyman beef fry. It's great on turkey sandwiches and even better with eggs.

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        2. Always had Beef Fry growing up. Made by a lot of different producers.

          I always thought kosher turkey bacon was really a simple idea to execute but have never seen it. Empire just started putting out a line of chicken sausages, maybe bacon is next?

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            I used to love Beef Fry. I haven't had it in years though.

            I think that it was made by Hebrew National.

            (Note: I have no desire to start a "Is Hebrew national kosher debate")

            1. re: das

              Abeles & Heymann still makes beef fry and it's great.

              1. re: Gene

                I pick out the fat then fry..........sorry, do not like the fat for family. If you do it my way, one package per person

          2. As an alternative, buy some fresh salmon skin, perhaps with a bit of meat still attached, then grill until crunchy. Bacon-y and delicious.

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              Bride of the Juggler

              I sometimes use liquid smoke to replace the smokiness bacon would give a dish. A quick Google search shows Colgin liquid smoke is kosher pareve. It's a great addition to soups. Thank you.