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Follow-Up to Channukah Recipes

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Thanks to everyone for good suggestions. Last night I was flipping through a magazine and came across a recipe for something called "fritlach", which looks like egg kichel.
I'm going with this because I can make it in advance, avoid the soggy latke/sufganiot problem, and still serve something homemade (crazy, I know, but important to me). Here's the recipe:
3 eggs 5 T sugar
dash salt 4 T red wine
4 T oil 2 3/4 cups flour

Mix all ingredients to form a smooth, not sticky dough, adding more flour if needed. Divide dough into two parts. Roll each section out as thin as possible. Cut dough into 1" x 4" strips, cut a slit in the center of each strip and fit one end of the strip through, creating a twist.
Deep fry in a large pot in appx 4 cups of oil till golden brown, drain, sprinkle w/ confectioners sugar.
B'teavon and Chag Sameach

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