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Dec 9, 2004 07:56 AM

Where to buy challah?

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Does anyone know of a good bakery to buy challah at?


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  1. Many but in what country and what city are you referring to?

    My recommendations are:
    Daniels, Temple Fortune Road
    Carmelli's, Golders Green Road

    For help this is in London, UK

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    1. re: Londonosher

      Impossible to answer without knowing your location!

      1. re: DeisCane

        I'm so sorry! This is the first time that I've posted on this board, I'm used to poosting on the New York boards where location is implied. So, I live in New York & am looking for some really good challah. In the past, I've bought challah at the grocery store & local bakeries but it hasn't been very good. Some 'hounds on the Manhattan board have recommened B&H. Opinions? Thanks!

        1. re: kitnimbus

          My all-time personal favorite is Bagel City challah. It's chewy and doughy, but not overly sweet like Zomick's. You can get it at almost any kosher supermarket in NY.

          1. re: ChulentHound

            Yeah, Bagel City gets a slight nod over Zomick's in my book. You can get both at Kosher MarketPlace on 90th/Bway. Zomick's is sold at Fairway as well.

          2. re: kitnimbus
            uncle moishy

            Sounds like you're in Manhattan, in which case I can't offer an opinion. But in the wilds of Brooklyn where I live, my personal favorite is Isaac's of Av J in Flatbush (they also have a branch on Kingston Av in Crown Hts, but the baking is done on Av J). Overall, as a bakery, Isaac's has a number of shortcomings, but I keep going back there every Friday morning because their challah is so delicious.

      2. Thanks again guys! I'm happy to say that I successfully hosted my first Hanukah dinner!

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          Yasher koach! Chag sameyach!