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Channukah recipes

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I'm looking to bake and bring something to the office for Channukah, but potato latkes won't do for an AM staff meeting, and I'm afraid sufganiot will get soggy if I make them the night before and schlep them to work. Can anyone suggest an alternative home made treat for about 25-30 people. Thanks in advance and a Freilicheh Channukah!

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  1. You can buy cookie cutters with shapes of dreidels and menorahs etc. and make any type of cookie.

    1. I would recommend another Channukah favorite - Sofganiyot - Doughnuts!

      1. A Freilicheh Chanuka to all fellow Chowhounders.

        Phyllis, I would go with the sufganiot. Afterall, when you think of Channuka it's either latkes or sufganiot. I think what would make them soggy is letting the powdered sugar sit on them. Why don't you try making it and putting the sugar on at work. My mother-in-law used to make the Channuka chagigot on motzei Shabbos. She would buy the sufganiot before Shabbos and then stick them in the microwave for a few seconds (make sure you don't dry them out and overheat the jelly inside--this happens fast) to freshen them up along with a dusting of powdered sugar. We all licked our fingers at the end.

        1. Personally, I'd be nervous about how souvganiot would hold up overnight. I wouldn't know how to store them so they'd retain a fresh taste without getting greasy or squished and gummy.

          I'm one of those people that believe that latkes are a fine breakfast food, if you're able to reheat them. Nothing wrong with fried potatoes in the morning, and the fine addition of applesauce adds a fruity touch. Of course, I'm from the school that believes that latkes are good morning, noon and night.

          Time to go to the gym.

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            I agree. Whats the difference b/w latkes and home fries.

          2. Phyllis, It's apparent your a working gal like me. Make your life easy...get up a little earlier and go to your local kosher bakery and get the sufganiot fresh. You won't have to worry about them being soggy. Your co-workers will appreciate it just the same and you won't have to spend hours over a hot frying pan. Some bakeries also make mini sufganiot.

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              Sharon Lebewohl

              Instead of soofganiot, how about beignets?

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                uncle moishy

                Forgive me, but what are beignets?

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                  sharon lebewohl

                  A Beignet is a deep fried pastry, similar to a doughnut but the dough is different. It is made with pate a choux which is made with flour, water, butter and eggs. When baked, the eggs make the pastry puff as with cream puffs. Beignets can be sweet or savory, filled or not. The word means fritter.