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Dec 6, 2004 03:36 PM

Channukah recipes

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I'm looking to bake and bring something to the office for Channukah, but potato latkes won't do for an AM staff meeting, and I'm afraid sufganiot will get soggy if I make them the night before and schlep them to work. Can anyone suggest an alternative home made treat for about 25-30 people. Thanks in advance and a Freilicheh Channukah!

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  1. You can buy cookie cutters with shapes of dreidels and menorahs etc. and make any type of cookie.

    1. I would recommend another Channukah favorite - Sofganiyot - Doughnuts!

      1. A Freilicheh Chanuka to all fellow Chowhounders.

        Phyllis, I would go with the sufganiot. Afterall, when you think of Channuka it's either latkes or sufganiot. I think what would make them soggy is letting the powdered sugar sit on them. Why don't you try making it and putting the sugar on at work. My mother-in-law used to make the Channuka chagigot on motzei Shabbos. She would buy the sufganiot before Shabbos and then stick them in the microwave for a few seconds (make sure you don't dry them out and overheat the jelly inside--this happens fast) to freshen them up along with a dusting of powdered sugar. We all licked our fingers at the end.

        1. Personally, I'd be nervous about how souvganiot would hold up overnight. I wouldn't know how to store them so they'd retain a fresh taste without getting greasy or squished and gummy.

          I'm one of those people that believe that latkes are a fine breakfast food, if you're able to reheat them. Nothing wrong with fried potatoes in the morning, and the fine addition of applesauce adds a fruity touch. Of course, I'm from the school that believes that latkes are good morning, noon and night.

          Time to go to the gym.

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            I agree. Whats the difference b/w latkes and home fries.

          2. Phyllis, It's apparent your a working gal like me. Make your life easy...get up a little earlier and go to your local kosher bakery and get the sufganiot fresh. You won't have to worry about them being soggy. Your co-workers will appreciate it just the same and you won't have to spend hours over a hot frying pan. Some bakeries also make mini sufganiot.