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Nov 29, 2004 07:46 PM

Celiac in Jewish children/ non gebrokts

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Hello... Is there a large population of Jewish children with Celiac? That means NO wheat or Gluten EVER !! Our 5 year old grand daughter was just diagnosed...Its November 2004 and quite a way to Pesach... Where can I buy non-gebrokts products to make her knadlach and challah? Thank you

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  1. i forwarded your request to a friend of mine who's sibling is celiac. give a few days for the e-mail to travel and hopefully a response to be posted. lot's of luck. even though pessach isn't around, they do start baking way before. i know they start baking the shmuerer matzos chanuka time.

    1. What Non-Gebrokts products allow you to make challah and knaidlach?

      I am not sure a brand like Liebers is available outside of the passover time frame. We usually stock up on certain things during this time.

      My experience with celiac and challah has not been good. By its nature Challah has high gluten flour. Trying to make it gluten free is not easy and my wife who is a successful baker has not been able to produce one even using all her tricks.

      Cookies, pie crust, cupcakes, and all sorts of other baked goods come out fine using alternative flours. But challah remains elusive.

      1. Speak to your Rabbi. I am sure that you can get a heiter to give her Gebrokts and probably also Kitniyos.
        (Kitniyos are always allowed for someone sick who needs them. That includes children who can't eat other foods, because of allergies etc.)

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          Sorry, I misunderstood the need for non-gebrokts. Obviously you cannot give her gebrokts because of the gluten. Kitniyos might just be the way to go.

        2. My cousin's child has celiac. Yes, it is somewhat common among Jews. There are quite a few Israeli-made gluten-free products. Pesach? Good luck. Although Ashkenazi, our cousins celebrate a "Sephardic" Pesach (i.e. kitniyot). The little girl also has cystic fibrosis so there are numerous other health issues.

          Depending on the age and severity of your granddaughter's celiac she may be allowed oats so that might help with the matzah. As far as I'm concerned. the key to remember is, "And you shall live by them," NOT "And you shall make yourself sick, unhealthy, and die by them."

          1. I know that there is a bakery in Brooklyn called Joseph's that makes GF Challah. Good Luck