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Nov 25, 2004 05:10 PM

Silk Soymilk Creamer in pumpkin pie

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I found Silk Soymilk Creamer (plain) to be a superb substitute for heavy cream in the pumpkin pies I baked today, just fyi. I'm not clear what the hechsher is but it's a K inside a scroll and is written next to it "kosher DE contains no dairy." YUM!

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  1. Silk is under the hashgacha of the Va'ad HaKashrus of Denver. DE is dairy equipment.


    1. I know eggnog is SO not even a thought to most of the readers here (wrong holiday, obviously!) but even though I am a Hanukkah gal, I still love eggnog this time of year.

      Silk makes a lovely soy-nog which is a nice substitute for those of you who want to partake at an office party, at home, whatever! I have not checked the label but would assume it is similar to the creamer product.