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Nov 4, 2004 11:38 AM

Mentos made in Holland

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Are all mentos made in Holland Kosher? The ones I buy from the kosher stores seem to have a hashgacha from Israel (Its tiny print so i really cant tell. I Found some Mentos in a supermarket (non kosher) made in Holland and I was told they were kosher as well. Is this true??



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  1. The Mentos packages in Israel are PROBABLY the same product as the ones you buy here. You should be aware that, at least on all the Israeli packages I've seen, part of the fine print reads (in Hebrew, of course)
    "kosher for gelatin eaters". I personally don't know of any Orthodox supervision in the US that certifies gelatin products unless made from kosher animals or fish. Some Israeli officials do.
    Some discussion of this issue (gelatin, that is) in the post on this board about Marshmallows (Oct 19, 2004)

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      Mentos from Holland is kosher according to the kosher list by the Chiefrabbinate for the Netherlands. See under 'kosjer, kasjroet''Kasjroetlijst Nederland', scroll to 'Snoep en drop'.