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Jan 10, 2004 03:58 PM

Dom Ruinart local availability?

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Does anyone know where to buy Dom Ruinart champagne locally? It's not a very obscure champagne, but even D&M doesn't currently carry it. If anyone can point me to a place in SF or the East Bay that carries it, I'd be grateful. (I know that you can get it by the glass at the Fifth Floor, but I don't want to spend $18 every time I want a glass!).

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  1. I special ordered two bottles for Christmas last month from Weimax in Burlingame. $130 a bottle, if memory serves. I don't think they stock it regularly, though.

    1. I'll be interested if you get any suggestions.
      I have looked locally (somewhat casually) and not found anyone who carries Ruinart.

      Personally, I stock up whereever I'm down in LA.