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Oct 17, 2004 08:01 PM

candy corn and marshmallows

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hey looking for 2 things that are next to impossible to candy corn, and kosher marshmallows. anyone know where to find these (without gelatin - including no fish gelatin). I'm in NYC, and this should be an easy one, but I dont have any kosher friends to help me with this!


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  1. I don't know where you live, but if you live in the Tri-State area, go into any store that sells kosher food exclusively and you will find the marshmellows. I've bought plain, colored and a sour version (my kids did not care for the sour).

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    1. re: Cookie

      OH NUTS 469 Central Avenue Cedarhurst 516-295-0131 banim 125 Cedarhurst Avenue Cedarhurst 516- 374-4646

      are both kosher candy stores that have candy corn

      1. re: jeremy

        I agree Oh Nuts! will have everything.

        Also any kosher supermarket will carry both

        1. re: abe

          This is a really easy one if you are in Manhattan. Both Supersol at 526 Amsterdam (between 85th and 86th) and Kosher Marketplace on Broadway between 90th and 91st should have both those products. Definitely Supersol. Good luck!

    2. I think Carmel foods in Rego Park-Fhills in Queens, on 108th street sells marshmallows for certain, the candy corn I'm not sure about. Someone recently mentioned an israeli foods store on st. mark's place that had opened, maybe they will have it.

      Carmel 64-27 108 St. Forest Hills (718) 897-9268

      there are a few stores in Manhattan mentioned at above thread as well, you could call around...

      And also, there is a Supersol at 526 Amsterdam Ave. (On the West side of Amsterdam Ave., 85th-86th)
      Phone: 212-875-1731 Didn't you try them first???

      1. I suggest you call Candyland in Lakewood 732-905-4067

        you can try their site

        very nice, very cooperative.

        1. If anyone know the brand name for this, I'd appreciate it. I've only seen the fish gelatin one, which does not go over well with the vegetarians in the family...

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          1. re: Debbie

            I'm not sure how you get the marshmallows to stick together and stay firm without some type of gelatin. The Elyon marshmallows have fish gelatin (I'm pretty sure) I think the veggies will still be off-put.

            1. re: texasmensch

              Exactly--that's the problem. As long as someone brought it up here--I thought there must be some kind of synthetic gelatin-like substance.Carageenan (seaweed) is sometimes used in other products for that purpose.
              "Marshamallow fluff" is kosher after all and has no animal ingredients. I realize the texture/consistency is very different

            2. Also available online. By the way, when I had several cases shipped to me, they were about half the price of the store price.