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Sep 21, 2004 12:18 PM

New restaurant in NYC

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Does anybody know about a new restaurant (I think it's called Eli's??) in the Citicorp Building on Lexington/53rd St.? Phone number / menu / critiques appreciated!

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  1. It's called Eli's NY Deli 212-688-1488, located inside the Citicorp Center. It opened approximately 2 weeks ago, delivery should be available by the end of the week. I spoke with the manager today and he is working on being added to Seamlessweb.

    FYI - it is under OU supervision

    Menu consists of various deli sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups

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        I ate there today. Its a small counter only place, strictly for takeout, though there are tables in Citicorp center to use. The pastrami sandwich I had was good and at $8 is in line with takeout from Mendy's and Kosher Delight, the other two kosher delis in Midtown Manhattan. Its good for a quick lunch. If I was in the area, I would go back.

        1. re: Bob

          Don't forget Kosher Deluxe!

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            I forgot to write in my post above that this restaurant is in the lobby of Citicorp center and just outside, in the outside lobby is another takeout Kosher Restaurant, Moshe's Cafe. This is a Schwarma restaurant.

            Hopefully there is enough business for both of them.

            1. re: Bob

              I've heard of Moshe's but am not familiar with the hashgacha so don't eat there, but I intend to try Eli's sometime soon. I think that's probably a great locale for such an eatery and am sure they could both thrive there!

              1. re: Eric

                FYI - Moshe's Cafe (Glatt Kosher & Shomer Shabbat) is under the supervision of the Rabbinical Court of the Sephardic Communities, Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim, Chairman, Queens NY, 718-793-2886.

                1. re: Samson

                  I notice that R. Ben Haim is on the staff of YU and teaches at RIETS, so I feel comfortable that his hechsher is reliable.