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Sep 20, 2004 02:01 PM

Vanilla extract--kosher for Passover?

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I do a lot of baking for Passover and many of the recipes include vanilla extract. However, one of my kosher cookbooks states that vanilla extract is not KFP because it's made with alcohol that's fermented. Anyone know the answer to this? Or does it just depend on how observant you are?

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  1. I dunno, but vanilla sugar as KP acknowledgement, and I'm pretty sure that has vanilla extract in it.

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      OK, it's artificial in vanilla sugar. Here's more info:

      Vanilla, since it is an extract made with alcohol, a fermented substance, is generally not recommended on Passover. Artificial vanilla powder mixed with sugar is now widely available. It comes in packets or envelopes of better yet, 12 ounce tubs that have a little measuring spoon inside. "Kosher-for-Passover" Vanilla Powder or Vanilla Sugar does not compare at all to real, pure vanilla BUT....... it is an approved and oh-so-helpful ingredient for Passover. Look for brands such as Haddar, Lieber's, Rokeach, or Itkowitz (check sources in back of book). If you have any vanilla sugar leftover after Passover passes, you can add it to your regular sugar jar. Serve the vanilla scented sugar with that special mug of coffee. There is also almond and rum extract for Passover. You can add these where ever you like. However, they are less widely available and can be omitted if you do not have them. If you choose, a substitution of one teaspoon regular pure vanilla extract would replace the one to two tablespoons "Passover Vanilla Powder" referred to in this recipe collection.

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        vanilla sugar can be made both KP and delicious (and no nasty chemicals) by putting a vanilla bean into your sugar jar. Just bury the bean in the sugar for a couple of chametz worries.. despite the name ...a vanilla bean is not kitniyot..but rather a part of an orchid like flower.

        if you can't find vanilla beans in your local market.. you can buy it online from penzey's. they import spices and sell the best quality stuff. No i don't own stock in the company.

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      Bride of the Juggler

      I went crazy one year trying to find KP vanilla extract (and I didn't know how to use vanilla sugar). Then I found that several recipes called for vanilla extract or orange zest. So I used orange zest instead and it made for a delicious walnut cake. Thank you.

      1. Vanilla Beans are acceptable for use on Pesach. So buy the beans and scrape out the caviar instead of using extract.