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Jan 9, 2004 01:33 AM

A real find! Mi Lindo Yucatan

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Okay, this is a real “Chowhound worthy” place. An (seemingly) authentic, low-priced Yucateco Mexican restaurant!

I tried it last night with a friend, and was quite impressed.

Mi Lindo Yucatan
401 Valencia (at 15th)

The first good sign was that we were presented with a bowl of chips and two salsas when we sat down. The waiter pointed to one of them and said “this one is very hot.” I’m always skeptical of such statements, since many restaurants still make all kinds of concessions for what they assume is the “American taste”. But this hot sauce was the real thing. A tiny amount burned in that way that only habanero peppers can really burn. So far so good!

Were hungry, so we started with appetizers. My friend had a Chicken Tostada ( $1.75) which was perfectly acceptable, with fresh avocado and nicely marinated chicken.

I opted for the Brazo de Reina (Ka’ Xu Nan) ($5.75), which turned out to be large enough to serve as a vegetarian meal (one of the few meatless items on the menu). It was described as “Hard boiled egg, pumpkin seeds and tomato wrapped in special dough with spinach”. In fact, it was something like a giant tamale, served on a banana leaf. The spinach was mixed into the dough, which enclosed chopped hard boiled eggs and tomato. It was served with a tangy red sauce on top. I thought it was an excellent dish and quite unusual.

For a main course, I had the Escabeche de Pavo ($7.25), described on the menu as “Hot marinated turkey”. This turned out to be pieces of fresh roasted turkey served in a broth. It was unimpressive-looking but tasted much better than it looked: an interesting and wholesome flavor, tangy, spicy and a little salty. With the turkey came two large cylindrical slices of a sausage-like preparation which I was told contained ground turkey and pieces of egg yolk. This was a little spicy and also quite good. There were pickled onions served on top of the turkey.

My friend had Cochinita Pibil ($6.75), the classic Yucateco roasted pork dish with achiote, steamed in banana leaves. This was quite a lot of meat, and was about as I remember the dish tasting when I had it in the Yucatan several years ago. Homemade tortillas were served with our main courses.

If you are craving Yucateco food or have never tried it, visit Mi Lindo Yucatan.

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  1. Thanks for this review. I'm always on the lookout for new Yucatecan kitchens and they're rare enough in the Bay Area. Did you notice if the offered panuchos or papadzules or salbutes or tikin xic or poc chuc?

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    1. re: nestorius

      No Caldo Tlalpeno, but the chef told me they change the menu every month or so, so if you ask him maybe he'll consider it.

      They do have panuchos, salbutes and poc-chuc, also polcanes and chilindrinas, but no Tikin Xic.

      1. re: Syre

        Thanks for filling in the details. Here's a link to a couple more options...haven't had a chance to check them out myself yet.


        1. re: Melanie Wong

          ok ok ok, i said i was going to go eat there but alas, someone beat me to it. i did eat there once but it was for breakfast: tortillas, eggs, rice, beans, salsa for $4.50 so it wasn't really much to write about... i'm glad its worth exploring, i'll be by soon. actually i've walked pass several times on the way to bart and have noticed that there are a lot more latino folks hanging out in there now -- a good sign.

          btw, strong, dark coffee!

          1. re: YinShiNanNu

            Thanks for the breakfast info! Are you describing City Blend CAfe or Mi Lindo Yucatan?

    2. Thanks Syre! Hey, did you notice if they had Caldo Tlalpeno on the menu?

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      1. re: PegS

        I have worked in Yucatan for a long time and "Caldo Tlapeno" sounds (and is) a Nahua (Northern) Mexico name.

        Yucatan is famed for "Sopa de Lima," however. Gorgeous.

      2. It was great to read your review. I stumbled across that place last week while walking from Zeitgeist to Pancho Villa. It caught my eye and I lingered in front hoping that my companion would want to go there instead. Unfortunately she's no Chowhound and i didn't want to suggest changing out plans since she likes Pancho Villa so much. :) i made a note to try it out later. After reading your review, I'll definitely have to bump it up on list of places to visit.


        1. Thanks for the tip!
          I went last weekend after reading your post and thought the food was great. We had pozole and Cochinita Pibil. The cp was delicious and it was a huge amount of very tender meat. They didn't give us any tortillas though, and I didn't know they are usually served with tortillas or else I would have asked. Still, very delicious.
          The pozole came with a bunch of condiments (oinions, radish, sage?, hot sauce, lime) and was mild-medium in spice. It was basically a meat-stock based soup with seasoning, hominy, and shredded meat.