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May 31, 2004 10:36 AM

Sara(h)'s Tent

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Someone on another message board asked if anyone had heard of, and knew the location of, a kosher gourmet food store in Brooklyn called Sara(h)'s Tent (sp?).
My "googling" only came up with shops of that name, in Aventura, FL, and in Deal, NJ.
Now that my curiosity has been piqued, I was hoping that one of you has this info., and could share it with us?
Thanks so much!
Barbara K.

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  1. Yes - I think those are their two locations.

    1. Found this on-line. Never been there, although it sounds like it's worth a trip :-)

      Sarah's Tent
      Gourmet Grocery Store
      272 Norwood Avenue, Deal

      See related article, link below.


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        Aha! We purchased take-out schwarma and roasted/barbequed chickens from Sarah's Tent in August 2002. We were driving back from the Phillip's Street beach to my parents' home in Manalapan, when I spotted the big sign on the wall above the open garage-door-hole-in-the-wall out of the corner of my eye. We pulled over, and went inside with our kids, had a good conversation ( the store was already closed), and purchased a couple of cooked chickens and a schwarma to take home. The schwarma was a little dry and disappointing: but we didn't eat it for almost an hour. The roasted chickens were very good. We were there early in the week, and late in the afternoon. I think they have a lot more items available on Thursdays.
        The Deal area is heavily populated with financially comfortable Syrian Jews, who moved from NYC. (My brother said it is the Syrian Mafia). Deal is an interesting town to drive around in: new homes are Middle Eastern in style, etc.
        The Phillips Street beach is also nice: free parking, low prices, clean, and boogie boards to rent for midwestern visitors!