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May 30, 2004 08:34 PM

New kosher coming to W 72nd St

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Yes, the spot where restaurants go to die is giving it another go at kosher. I just walked on 72nd st b/w WEA and Bway and a new sign caught my eye. Opening next month in the former locale of a ton of different kosher places will be Mike's Bistro ( Let's hope Mike has more success than the last 5 or so places there.

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  1. Who's giving the hasgacha?Do the waitresses wear Indian-hair sheitels? Does the owner sing Zmirot at his Shabbat table and cover his table with a plastic liner? Is seperate seating offered? Just kidding.I'll be first in line to try it out...

    amy t.

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    1. re: amy t.

      Good stuff, Amy. I guess I'll see you there, lol. Are you going to Solo's opening, btw? I'm psyched for that...

      1. re: amy t.

        More importantly, do they fill their glasses with that treif New York City water I've been hearing about?

        1. re: Clarissa

          I hear they're going to serve a mean Penne alla Copepodi ;-)