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May 23, 2004 10:43 PM

French's French Fried Onions Taste Toppers

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At RachelMolly's request below, I have e-mailed Vicky requesting kosher supervision of Annie's Natural Salad Dressings.
I have a somewhat similar request that I'm not sure if I posted on this list before. The status of a canned product made by French's, called French Fried Onions Taste Toppers, has been changed from OU pareve to OU dairy about a year ago - since it is now made on dairy equipment.
This is a product that I, and many others had often used as an ingredient, &/or topping for vegetable casseroles, and other recipes (e.g. French Country Chicken) - as well as as a snack on it's own. It is a great disappointment to me that it cannot now be used with meat meals; and it has greatly cut down on my pareve side dish recipe repertoire.
I would really be grateful, if any of you that care to help, would please call the 800 number of Reckitt Benckiser Inc. that make this product, to request a return to pareve status.
The number is: 1–800-841-1256
A similar campaign to return Stella D'Oro Swiss Fudge Cookies to Pareve status, was successful by popular demand.
Thank you so much!
Barbara K.

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  1. Great idea. While you are at it - why don't we start calling the OU and ask them to institute some type of Dairy Equipment certification. Currently, if an otherwise parve product (like this one) is processed on milk equipment that is clean but not kashered parve, the product is marked dairy. This is the case even if no diary is in the product. This causes two problems. The first, one can not tell the difference between dairy and dairy equipment on the label. This means that we have to assume these onions are dairy and cannot be eaten after milk. The other problem is for those of us who are lactose intollerant. We could handle something DE, but not necessarily dairy. Thus, the move from everything dairy to dairy equipment would make a big difference.

    I asked a Rabbi who worked for the OU a while back why they didn't have DE. He said, in short, it was because we - the kosher consumer - weren't sophisticated enough to understand the nuance and were making mistakes. I think we are pretty careful and spend a great deal of effort keeping kosher -they ought to give us a little leeway.

    But that is just one man's thoughts.

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      I've been seeing DE pop up on non-dairy creamers and the like recently.

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        Is the DE from OU or another certifying agency?

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          It's from an agency called SCROLL-K. I've seen it on Silk Soy Milk.