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May 18, 2004 10:14 AM

Favorite Dairy Restaurant in Manhattan?

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Since the recent "Favorite Restaurant in Manhattan" thread didn't include much mention of dairy restaurants - except for Va Bene, which I agree is a nice choice -
I was hoping to get some good recommendations for both upscale and "everyday" options. I think that there are some nice ones to choose from.
I usually enjoy "My Most Favorite Dessert Co.", although I actually enjoyed some of the less exotic menu selections better when it was located at Madison & 86th St. I've had both good and bad experiences at "Il Patrizio".
If you can, please include recommended dishes at your favorite Manhattan dairy restaurants.
Barbara K.

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  1. Since I eat dairy out, I'm not a good reviewer here, but I would probably go with just about any of the vegetarian Indian places that are heckshered.

    1. I have only been to Va Bene once, and was not impressed. Very cramped, and I wasn't wowed by the food. I was particularly peeved that their dessert menu was the same as Tevere's. Why would a dairy restaurant offer pareve desserts? Personally, I much prefer Il Patrizio for its ambience and availability of pizza. I also liked Dougie's Dairy the one time I was there (although I'm almost afraid to admit it)

      In general, I have a problem with most kosher dairy restaurants because it bothers me to pay $15 for a plate of pasta (in comparison, the pizza at Il P. is a bargain, although their other prices are up there too).

      Also, while the best kosher meat restaurants are pretty much all in Manhattan, it's not clear to me that the same holds for dairy. In Brooklyn, where I live, the Flatbush/BoroPark axis has any number of reasonable dairy choices (someday I hope to get to Orchidea, which was highly recommended by the inimitable Amy T), but not a single sitdown meat place to speak of other than the various shwarma/pita joints.

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        Uncle Moishy,
        I definitely agree with you about the dearth of decent meat restaurants in Brooklyn, other than some good Israeli ones (Jerusalem II on Avenue J is my favorite of these - particularly for their delicious marinated chicken.) Though now that I think about it, I did have a nice meal at Glatt-a-la Carte on 18th Ave, a while back. I'll have to check it out again soon.
        As for the Brooklyn dairy restaurants, again I agree with you. There is a decent selection. Orchidea was in a class by itself, on the one time I have gotten there. I have also had a very nice experience at Cafe Napoli on C.I. Ave, and Ave. M, with a fish entree (and a 2 for the price of one special on Monday and Tuesday nights - though I don't know if this is still in effect).
        I have also had good experiences at Cafe K on 18th Ave.; Cafe Renaissance on Kings Highway; Avenue Plaza in Boro Park; Al Dante on Coney Island Ave.; and I very much enjoy the food - though not as much the ambience - at Garden of Eatin', which has more of a diner atmosphere. For some of these restaurants, I am only basing my judgment on 1 visit.
        Sorry for getting sidetracked, as my original request is for reviews & recommendations of dairy kosher restaurants in Manhattan. I hope that we will get some good responses.

        1. re: uncle moishy

          I don't particularly relish the idea of paying $15 for a plate of pasta (unless it is a labor intensive dish that I would never attempt at home), but I'd rather do that than go and pay $31 (!) for duck or $24 for salmon at Prime Grill. Prices are out of hand at so many of these restaurants, and the price of kosher meat or certification is no excuse.

          1. re: uncle moishy

            >In Brooklyn, where I live, the Flatbush/BoroPark axis has any number
            > of reasonable dairy choices, but not a single sitdown meat place to
            > speak of otherthan the various shwarma/pita joints.

            And Chinese/Asian (China Glatt, Estihana, Shalom Hunan).

          2. Oops, forgot to include my favorites in my post. I liked Va Bene, although I haven't been there in a while. My new favorite is Madras Mahal, which I posted about recently. Everything was terrific. I also like Ozu, which is macrobiotic.